Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alot has happend over the past few weeks. Heath and I are busy with work family and school soon on June 25th. Since our Disney Land trip we have had alot happen from our cousin Jaicees wedding to camping with his family. Here are some pictures to update you on our busy lives!

This was after church on Sunday...Heath saw the chicken and he wanted it!

Camping in Little Valley over Memorial Day Weekend.

Me and Amanda

Josh, Whitney, Keira

Josh and Jazzy

Heath picked me wild flowers on his hike!

Heath and Amanda also found 3 little rabbits that somebody just let go in the forest. Unfortunately they had to let them go.

Heath my little fisherman!

Me with my new pink fishing pole!

The girls on their way to go fishing

This photo was taken on the roof of the conference center...we had no idea what was up their!

Becky, Heaths cousin is serving a mission on temple square and we found her at the beehive house where she took us on a tour!

The good looking couple!

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse!


My grandma opening her gift!

It was also Noahs 18th birthday!


At the reception

Me with the beautiful bride!

Me and miss Ali!

Our family at the temple!

This is Laicee, Jaicee's sister. She fell off her life guard stand at work and look what happend!

Bride and Groom!

Heath and Josh getting ready to go swimming!