Monday, July 18, 2011

Park City!

I LOVE July! We have had so many fun days this months with family and friends. For the 4th of July we went to Park City with my family and stayed in a town house there. It was a BLAST! We were able to go on some fun walks, play tennis, ride bikes, go shopping and enjoy the festivities that Park City has to offer for the fourth. We had a great time with my grandparents and Arland was able to see his first parade this year. We were also able to enjoy time with Heaths family over Roundup with all the fun the city has to offer. Here are some pictures of us lately!

Arland went swimming for the very first time...and he LOVED it! He fussed a little at first but he was so good in the water for probably a good 45 minutes (which is way longer then I expected him to last)

All of us going swimming!

We took Arland on this lift that went up on the Mountain. The kid was so tired after about the 3rd time going that he fell right asleep!

We also went to the Parade!

After a long day of shopping this is what happened. Auntie Emm saves the day while the little mister takes a much needed snooze!

We also hit a big mile stone with Arlie this week! He now holds his own bottle and can take a sippy cup!
My little boy also got his first tooth this week! (more on that later!)