Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday we were able to go pick our Halloween/Fall pumpkins for our front door. It was so fun to see Arland get excited about all of the big orange pumpkins all over the field. After a while he kind of lost it and was mad because he kept falling down in the thorns...he was MAD! But other than that we had a really nice family outing and we took some really great pictures of Arland first time picking out his own pumpkin! This is of our front door after.

Mom and Arland at the patch

Arland Heath and Hannah

Dad and Arland

Arland picking out his pumpkin

After going to the pumpkin patch we took Pazely up the canyon to play in the lake, it was beautiful! We had so much fun and now I have one very tired baby!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Arland lately

It has been so long since I have written you I cant believe the little boy that you have turned into right before my eyes! You are so fun right now at this age and your daddy thinks that you are the funnest you have ever been (and hardest...terrible two's are coming way to fast). You love to be with mommy and daddy. After I get done with work and I go to pick you up at Grandma Neuberts house you run up to me with your arms open and you give me a giant kiss. During the week when I am home with you we play outside and help mom around the house. You love to vacuum, and help mom with folding laundry. You also like to help mom load the dishwasher (and take things out of the dishwasher). You are such a better eater now and I am LOVING this because man teething really put a damper on your apatite. You are now eating and trying everything! Your favorites are peanut butter and honey sandwiches, green smoothies, strawberries, mac-n-cheese, (anything with cheese), rice and things that you still don't like are (potatoes, banana's).
You love your toys specifically: Your buzz and woody stuffed toys, ANY cars of ANY kind! Seriously the kid LOVES cars, play piano and trains.)
You love to take your baseball and play with mom and dad on the floor tossing it back and forth and you thought that it was so funny when the ball landed in dad's shoe. It took you a long time to stop laughing about that. You also LOVE Pazely. She is your best friend and you think that it is so funny to feed her and ride her like a horse. (poor paze, but she is a good sport.)
You love to help dad mow the lawn and be outside.
You love to get in the tub and play with a cup filling it up with water and drinking it/or dumping it all over your self. You also love Popsicles in the tub.
You are a VERY curious little boy and you are always wanting to do what ever mom and dad are doing.
You are saying things like: "Mom/Dad whats that?""GO""Hot""Buzz""Hi", and we are learning "Amen"
You are getting really good at saying prayers at night and folding your arms.
The best part is that when we ask you if you want to go to night night...you RUN to your crib. You LOVE to go to sleep and you will sleep from (8-7) it is WONDERFUL!
You are one of the happiest little boys that I know and you are so nice to everyone! There are those "toddler" moments here and there but all around you are one of the nicest most loving people that I know and I am honored to be your mother. I love you more then words can describe!
Love, Mom