Sunday, December 19, 2010

33 Weeks!

33 Weeks and Counting!!!

This week has been so long for both Heath and I. We just finished up with finals for school and now we are onto Christmas and getting ready for the baby! I look back and I use to think that this semester would never end. It seemed like we had forever until the baby gets here, but now with one step done (fall semester) we are able to actually feel like it is not that much longer. Heath has been working on building the crib and we are just both working and patiently waiting for this little mister to get here. He still has a while to bake but these next couple of weeks are going to go by so fast and that I am thankful for! Dont get me wrong the whole pregnancy thing has been fabulous but I am ready to be able to sleep and breathe and not be sick any more. More then that Heath and I are so anxious to just meet him! Here are some pictures of me today at 33 weeks, Thanksgiving and a photo of me at 30 weeks! Enjoy!

I see people doing this heart on the belly pictures all the time and I thought about how silly it is, but seriously Heath and I already love this little person so much that the heart on the belly does not seem as silly any more...I love everything about these two pictures! The first heart is Heaths hands and the second picture is my hands.

Heath and I just at home

Our little mister at 33 weeks!

Side Profile

Our Christmas tree!

(Sorry for the prolonged set of of pictures for the holidays, I know this was a while ago)

These are my absolute favorite rolls and this year my mom showed me how to make them...YUM!

Below is a picture of my dog...sad is all I have to say, she was tortured by my sisters all day long. They tied bows all over her body and this is the best picture I could get of Pazley, she did not like it one bit, but we all got a good laugh out of it!

Heath sneaking some food from the kitchen before dinner.

Me and my Grandma

30 weeks!