Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arland Turns ONE!!!

Can I just say that this day was a sort of a whirl wind! I cant believe that my baby is already a year old. A year ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy any one could have imagined. When Heath and I saw him for the first time we knew that our lives had forever changed and that our family of two would now only continue to grow and now we were a family of three. I remember seeing Arland for the first time and noticing how full he looked, he had these chubby cheeks that I absolutely LOVED and he had this strong dimple in his chin that made my heart melt. He cried for the first time and I remember how badly I wanted to hold him. He was ours and I knew that I never wanted to go back to how life was before. He was truly an angel from above and I couldn't believe that Heavenly Father trusted Heath and I with such a special little spirit. His smile melted my heart instantly when I saw him for the first time in the nursery all warm and calm. Heath asked me if I knew which baby was ours and I knew instantly that he was mine. Arland you have forever changed our lives and I love to more then you will ever know! Happy first birthday my little boy!

For Arlands Birthday we had a "fishy" themed party. We went to the Aquarium and it was so fun to see how excited my little boy would get looking at all the fishies!

We also celebrated with our families at our house with cake and ice cream and opening gifts

While I was hanging his pictures on the wall (a time line of his first year) I started to get really emotional because I realized how fast this whole year had gone by. Being a Mother has been the most amazing gift that I have ever been given it is truly the most spiritual title a woman can be given and I am so thankful that someone can call me "mommy" Arlands little smile makes me week at the knees and I know that I would do anything for him. He is our little bundle of happiness. Here are some things that Arland can do at a year!

Weight: 17.5 lbs 0%

Height: 31 in. 80%

Head: 75%

Says: Momma Dadda KiKi (kitty) GO!

Loves to scoot all around the house! (Grandma says that he looks like he has a gimp leg) ha ha

Loves big boy food! (mac and cheese, green beans, black beans, rice, chicken, noodles, broccoli, oranges, apple sauce, and about anything you can think of besides banana's and potato's...he doesn't like those.)

Movies : Land before time

Music: Anything Disney

When Arland gets mad he shakes his hands and throws stuff back and forth.

he loves when aunt Sophie scares him ( He says Go to her to make her scare him it is so funny!)

Loves truck and the little people that go inside the trucks

Loves his mommy and his daddy and wrestling with daddy!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mommy Letter


(Photo courtesy of aunt Chelsee!)

Well once again I am a little behind...I forget sometimes how fast you are growing and I just want to freeze you the way you are right now! But I look back at some of the letters that I have written you over the past 11 months and I realize that I loved every one of those stages and so I would be happy to freeze you at any one of them. There is also the fact that as you are growing you are doing more things, sillier things, and your daddy and I are looking forward to every stage of life that you have! This past month mommy was able to change her schedule so that she can be home with you more. She only works two business days a week! (And I am LOVING the time that I get to be with you!) We have done alot of things like going on walks and reading and playing with your toys. You have this dump truck that mommy and daddy got you for Christmas and you LOVE it. Really though you love the little person that is inside of it and you try to stick your hand inside the window of the truck to get him out, then you get stuck and you cry because you just want that little person so bad! So now you know how to get him out and you carry that little person all over the house with you. Have I mentioned that you still wont crawl! But you don't need to crawl when you can scoot...you scoot all over the house (opening cupboards, drawers, doors) getting into anything you really can reach or pull your self up to. And in all this time that you are scooting you have that little person in the palm of your hand. On the walks that we go on I bundle you up and put a hat on your head...ps. you hate hats! You pull them off immediately after I put them on. You would much rather see what is on that head of yours!
For Christmas we went to Grandma and Grandpa Pulham's house really early (5 am) to open presents! You actually did really well and you loved ripping all the wrapping paper. Santa brought you a little four wheeler (which you sat on the entire time we opened presents) that you move with your feet and some books with a new blanky! Grandma and Grandpa Pulham were no disappointment as well! You got lots of toys and some clothes! Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma Neuberts house to open presents and that was a wild house too! You just have so many people that love you. Your Great Grandma and Grandpa Jepsen were there and they spoiled you like crazy too! You got fun toys to ride and lots of love. Daddy had the flu so he was out of commission but we sure had some fun, and yes you were so exhausted by the end of the night. Daddy was also busy selling 8 puppies that pazely had for Christmas. You really didn't know what to think of those little things but it was fun to touch their fur. You can now say "Mama, Dada, and you shake your head NO when you don't want something." You also shake your hands when you want to be picked up, scoot everywhere, pull your self up in the your crib. And you LOVE your aunties! You laugh hysterically at just the sight of them! You love the bath and you still hate Bananas and Potato's, everything else you will eat. Mommy and Daddy took you on a trip to Idaho this month to visit Grandma and Grandpa and we even gave you Mexican food. (Boy did you love that!) Next Month you will be 1 year and I cant believe how fast that time has gone. You are my little monkey and I cant imagine life without you! We love you Arland boy!