Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summer Plans!

Hello VACATION!!!!

For Christmas/Graduation Present Heath and I decided to do a desperatly needed vacation! We are so excited to go on this trip! We are going on a cruise! Also Heath wants to visit some good friends from his mission so we are leaving a couple days early to visit and enjoy the awesome California weather! Our cruise goes to Catalina Island and down into Mexico! Woohoo 5 days of PARADISE on a cruise!

We cant wait to be to all of these places!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


10 Months!

I can not believe how much you have changed in the past month to now. You are doing so many things and interacting so much more and we love it! Of course we loved your newborn stage but this stage is so fun because we can play with you more. You love to laugh and boy do you love to laugh at your aunt Sophie. You think that she is the funniest person in the room. Seriously you dont care about anyone else as long as she is in the room. You will laugh so hard at just the sight of her and we love that you love her so much. She will run up to you and scare you and you will just laugh so hard that you get the biggest hicups! And when aunt Sophie gets tired of you she will take you to Grandpa Neubert and you will cry and cry because you know that aunt Sophie is going away. You started saying "Mama and Dada" (we love that) and you also shake your head to say NO. You also can wave bye bye with your hand and you love to do patty cake. You also love to stand by yourself and you love to walk around as long as somebody is holding your hands. You also love your toys and you will turn your head to the side like you are bashful at people. You love to eat food by your self. Your favorite is noodles with butter and cheese on it. Manderine Oranges are also a favorite along with the regular sweet potatos. You LOVE your veggies and that makes us so happy! You also love the tub with all your toys in it. Bed time for you could be 6 pm if we let you but we try to keep you awake until at least 7:30. At this time you get really fussy and mad. You have the brightest smile Arland and mommy and daddy love you so much! We love all of your kisses that you give now and we love to cuddle with you when we put you to sleep.

Love Mommy!


Arland loves his grandma and his great grandma!

Big Boy eating his own food!

turkey dinner!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 Months and Big News!

Arland @ 9 Months.... We are WAY behind on this!

Well Arland's 9 months mark came and went, he is going to be 10 months this week and I CANT believe that! Here are some things that Arland learned at 9 Months

You are one of the smartest babies I know! (I may be biased because I am your mother, but regardless I still think you are the smartest and most handsome!) You love picking things up off the floor, you are still not crawling but you will scoot your body around in circles to pick stuff up off the ground and they will be little tiny fuzzies that I am shocked that you can see with your little eyes.
Also you learned bye bye at grandmas and you are really good at it!
You get bashful alot still and this month we have noticed more that you have "favorite" people. You dont like strangers and you LOVE your mommy daddy aunts uncles and grandma's and grandpa's. Its funny how you have decided who you like.
You got a high chair! And boy do you feel big and in charge now (as if you werent already). You love to eat food off your tray and you drink out of a sippy cup now.
You also went to the doctor this month and sadly enough you just cant keep your weight up. You are 16 pound in the 3% for your weight. You are eating I promise! You are also in the 75% for your length! Woo hoo you are tall! You love to laugh and giggle and you love to give kisses in the mirror. I love all the changes that are taking place, you are my bundle of joy!

Love Mommy!

Also this month, Arland and Addie found out that they are getting another.........COUSIN!!! WOO HOO!!! We are just so ecstatic for Trevor and Chelsee! They are going to be wonderful parents and we are so happy for them!

Arland sure Loves his Aunt Chelsee!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a bycicle built for 2 or 3 or 4

How fun is this!!! I must have one!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Pumpkin!

This last week the Pulham family had a party at their house. Heaths parents have been planning this forever and it was fun to actually be able to do it now. My father in law got these giant pumpkins that he wanted to put the grandkids in and take pictures. It was so fun to carve these giant pumpkins and to put Arland and Addie inside of them.

Isnt that the happiest pumpkin you have ever seen! He loved this!

The excitement didnt last for long....Addie and Arland got tired of it after a while. Arland sure does love his cousin Addie though!

Arland and Daddy

This weekend we took Arland on the swing at the park too. He didnt really know what to think and started crying. We then put him in the same swing with Addie and he did a little better. Addie on the other hand LOVED it. She was hysterical!

Arland and Mommy!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh how he loves a tub with bubbles!

He makes me smile!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye Bye!

Arland is now 8 months old! WOW where has the time gone!!! I cant believe my little infant that I brought home from the hospital is now a jibber jabbering little man! He is SO interactive now. He is wanting independence more and more and we can see this through the way that he wants to eat, sleep and play.


Here are some things that you learned this month!
You are loving your toys right now, we will put you on the floor surrounded by your toys and you know exactly what ones you do like and which ones you dont. Grandma Pulham got you this duck for easter that makes noises and you go crazy when we push the button for it to make a noise. You litterally make the angriest face and attack the duck like you just want it to shut off! Your daddy and I laugh so hard at this.
You went to your Great Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time this month and you loved spending time with them!
You Love to cuddle with Daddy and lately you have been more cuddly with mommy too!
You love to be outside with the animals at Grandma and Grandpa Pulham's house and to play outside on a blanket at Grandma and Grandpa Neuberts house. Aunt Sophie could play with you for hours outside!

This month you waved Bye Bye for the first time!!! It was so exciting, Grandma Pulham waved bye bye to you and you did it back. So now everyone tries to get you to wave bye bye all the time!
We LOVE you Arland boy!

Love Mommy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello World!

Hello World!

Wow how I LOVE this little boy! We have done so many fun things these past couple of weeks. I just thought that I would show some pictures of our "happenings" lately.

Arland LOVES walks...can you tell?

Tub time!

We were able to go to Idaho to spend time with my grandparents over the week end and here are some pictures of that!

Arland and Daddy in their "camo"

My Grandpa and his sister

I have such a happy boy! If you cant tell he loves to smile for the camera!

Beautiful Idaho

You have to have a tub time picture at Grandmas!

Arland Loves his Great Grandma!

And Great Grandpa, well he is just pure entertainment!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arland 7 Months!

Arland, wow your mommy is behind the times! I cant believe that you are almost 8 months old! I with going to school, and spending all my time playing with you, mommy has had no time to blog about you turning 7 months old. Some of the things that you do now are:

Sitting up, Rolling around (No crawling yet), Playing with your toys, and eating cereal puffs all by your self. ( Mommy gave you a puff about a month ago and you choked on it, I got so scared and tried to pick it out of your mouth but by the time I could get to it you swallowed!) Now you are able to eat them all by your self and you pick them up and put them in your mouth. You are such a great eater!

Sleep...you are the best sleeper ever! 7pm-7 am! This one Sunday Grandma Neubert and your aunts came over for dinner and I had put you down to take a nap in your cute new church clothes with a bottle, when I went in to get you up I realized that you were soaked! (Completely Drenched!) Well I realized that the top to the bottle wasnt secured all the way, hence you had about 5 oz. of formula all over your new church clothes. This didnt stop you from catching up on some much needed sleep!

You LOVE walks and being outside. Mommy and Grandma Neubert went to This is the Place Heritage Park and you loved all the animals. You laughed so hard when the goat made noises. I couldnt help but think how much you are like your daddy! You just want to wrestle and play with all the animals...especially Pazley!

You had your first camping trip and first visit to Swiss Days! Mommy and Daddy werent exactly prepared for this experience, we forgot your binky, stroller, hat, and front pack. This went over really great at Swiss Days (not really). Mommy had to carry you all over in the blistering heat! Finally she gave up and called Daddy to come get you and take you back to the camp site. Your Aunts at camp saw that you were extremely hot and didnt want you to get heat stroke so they stripped you down and let you be completely free of clothes. They thought it was so funny because you went to the bathroom like a boy for the first time out in the mountains (Right on Kiera's boot). They though it was halarious!
We love you so much little man and we cant wait to see what new things you learn!

Love, Mommy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

arland 6 months!

6 Months old!

Sorry this post is a month late almost! Arland is almost 7 months old and this is a post for his 6 month birthday. I love to write him little letters about how he is changing every month. I hope you enjoy!

Arland Loves to Swim! This was on his 6 month mark!

Arland you are now getting so big! Well that could be an understatement...I should say that you are getting so LONG! You weight on the other hand sadly is not the same. You are truly a skinny string bean! We had you 6 month appointment and you measured in at 27.9 inches 80th percentile and your head came in at 80th for you age. This is the kicker though, I feel as though you eat constantly (ever 2 hours 3/4 cup of cereal and then 6 oz of bottle) but it is just going right through you. So many people would love to have your metabolism! You weighed in at 13.9 pounds and you are in the 10th percentile for your weight! The doctor says that you are just tall and skinny and there is nothing to worry about so that was a relief!

I cant believe all the changes that you made this month!

You got your first tooth! It is on the bottom right and when it cut this month you were in so much pain and it was so hard for mommy to watch you go through that pain of that little tooth popping through. We love your little grin and now that this little tooth has made its presence, your smile is contagious!
You are loving all fruits and veggies! Eating cereal around 3-4 times a day and then a bottle in between. The doctor say that table food is great for you now!
You also rolled over this last month, hooray! I think that this is a huge milestone for you even through you still hate being on your stomach. You will roll from you stomach to your back but that is only because you hate being on your stomach! You roll and scoot all over the place and you love to stand up in the new walker that we got you this month! You love to sit in your walker in the living room and watch Curious George with all the music and everything.
Naps are not your favorite but you are getting better at them!
You are making so many more noises now and you will lay on mommy and daddies bed and talk to all of your toys. It is so funny because you find a new noise every day and for that whole day you will make that same noise. (At the grocery store the other day all of these ladies kept complimenting on what a happy baby you are. You smile and everyone and you were blowing bubbles the entire time we were in the store.)
You love your binky and anything and everything that you can put in your mouth because you are teething now.
You love when daddy wrestles you and throws you in the air. We will kiss your chin and you get laughing so hard! You also make bubbles and say "babababa" it is your favorite noise right now. You also love to pucker your lips out and make a pouty face that is to die for!
You are sitting all the way up now and love playing with your toys without any support at your back.
You are sleeping around 8-7 am! I LOVE it! We keep you room really cold at night because it is so hot during the day in the summer that we have to cool it down before we put you to bed. I turn it off after you are asleep but the dang heat just wipes you right out!
We went camping in Orangville this past weekend for the 24th of July with the Robertsons. We had such a fun time but boy did you not sleep well there. You would fall asleep and I would put you on the bottom bunk to sleep there but 30 minutes later you would cry wanting me to hold you and when I would let go you would cry. Needless to say it was a long night but I did love snuggling with you on that trip. You hated the fire works though, you screamed the entire time!

You love the tub! It is so fun to give you baths because you love to splash and scoot all over the tub. I put this wash cloth on your stomach while I am washing you, and this is more entertaining to you then any other toy because you suck on it the whole time. You kick all over the tub from the end to the top. You are getting so blond like mommy and you have the bluest eyes! Mommy and Daddy love you more then anything in the entire world and you truly are the center of our Universe! We love you Arlie boy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Park City!

I LOVE July! We have had so many fun days this months with family and friends. For the 4th of July we went to Park City with my family and stayed in a town house there. It was a BLAST! We were able to go on some fun walks, play tennis, ride bikes, go shopping and enjoy the festivities that Park City has to offer for the fourth. We had a great time with my grandparents and Arland was able to see his first parade this year. We were also able to enjoy time with Heaths family over Roundup with all the fun the city has to offer. Here are some pictures of us lately!

Arland went swimming for the very first time...and he LOVED it! He fussed a little at first but he was so good in the water for probably a good 45 minutes (which is way longer then I expected him to last)

All of us going swimming!

We took Arland on this lift that went up on the Mountain. The kid was so tired after about the 3rd time going that he fell right asleep!

We also went to the Parade!

After a long day of shopping this is what happened. Auntie Emm saves the day while the little mister takes a much needed snooze!

We also hit a big mile stone with Arlie this week! He now holds his own bottle and can take a sippy cup!
My little boy also got his first tooth this week! (more on that later!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arland 5 Months!

This summer has been busy busy busy! We have hardly had a chance to catch our breathe most days. Heath and I both have been working and in school this summer. I am almost done with about two more semesters after this summer! And Heath is taking 18 credits this summer and working full time! I am so proud of him for taking on school like this. He tells me all that time that school means alot to him and he knows that it has been asked of all of us to receive an education. I am so so proud of my husband! He is determined and strong and I love him for sacrificing his time to get done with his education. I also cant wait for him to be finished! He will graduate some time after me in 2012. (Fingers Crossed)

My little Arland is 5 Months today! I cant believe how fast the time has gone. Heath and I tell each other everyday that he is the best thing that we have ever done. He brings so much happiness into our home, more then we ever could have imagined! He changes with every day, and as part of his growing I have written a little thing to Arland each moth telling him things that I notice in him through out the month.

Arland at 5 months,

You are changing right before my eyes! You are loving to grab things and put them in your mouth, anything and everything goes in your mouth and it is funny because you will look at your hand and I know exactly what you are thinking (I am going to put that whole thing in my mouth). It really is so fun to watch you do this. The only problem with this is that you stick your fingers in your mouth and it makes you gag...I have stopped you from doing this but man those fingers are so tempting!

Today your Daddy put his head on your stomach and you grab his hair and laugh and make all sorts of noises...you love hair. You are also way more ticklish now on your sides and thighs and you will giggle alot for us!

This month you started eating solids! You love your cereal. You started with Bananas and now you love squash, peas, pears, carrots and sweet potato's! You will eat anything! You can eat about 3/4 cups of cereal on top of about 4 oz. of formula. You are a kid that knows how to eat. You also have a very fast metabolism which shows in your weight. You are a skinny string bean weighing around 13 lbs. Long and lean is what you are!

Because of all of this food you are now sleeping from about 8:30 pm to 7 am. You are the best baby in the whole world. You never fight mommy when she puts you to bed. You know exactly when it is time to go to sleep! You are not much of a nap taker but thats ok because you make up for that at night.

You are so good at Grandma's house when I take you there during the week. She takes you on walks everyday (5 miles). And you love to sit in Grandpa's lap while he types on the computer.

For your 5 month birthday we went to the Rodeo! Your dad loves the Rodeo and he was so excited to take you to it. We got there and at first you were a little fussy but that is mostly because you hadnt had a nap all day. It was so noisy that I covered both of your ears and you slept through the ENTIRE thing. You were amazing through all of the noise and and chaos.

Arland you truly are the pride and joy of mommy and daddy's life and we love you more then words can describe. We love to watch you grow!

Love, Mommy

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arland at 4 months!

My little Arland boy is now 4 months old and I cant believe how fast he is growing. I love what he is turning into and the changes that he is making but a part of me misses that fragile little infant that I brought home from the hospital. Being a mother is one of the most wonderful things I could have ever asked for in my entire life. I love every part of Arland and the joy that he brings into mine and Heaths life.

Arland at 4 months can do these things:

You are now making noises and telling mommy and daddy stories. This is hysterical because you make the most serious funny faces while you are talking to us.

You and Pazley's puppy! You didnt like her very much

You hate to be burped! What a horrible thing to have your back hit just so that you can make the loudest most uncomfortable burp come up. I would hate that too. But if we dont you know what the consequences are....throw up and that is NO GOOD!

You love the bath tub! We put you in there and put the wash cloth on your tummy and you squeal with excitment! This is so funny. You can be in the tub for a good 15 minutes just talking to your self while mommy and daddy wash you. The other day you were so tired when mommy put you in there you fell asleep and I washed you while you were sleeping the entire time. It was hilarious.

You can now hold a bottle by your self too! Its still a little hard for you to hold it up high enough but you get the hang of it! You also started trying rice cereal and today we fed you a banana at grandma pulhams. You loved it, but 20 minutes later it all came up. What a stinker you are!

We also have you too the point now where you can stand up. Daddy has to hold you standing up, but you can straighten your legs and stand up regardless! (And you like it!)

Today your aunt Amanda was playing with you on the ground and she started to tickle your neck. Boy did you give us a giggle, and not just one but lots of them! We all laughed at you until you thew up and then the fun was over.

Toys are your new favorite thing, you have this elephant that vibrates and boy you just wish that you could eat that thing so bad! It drives you crazy because you just want to fit it in your mouth so bad... along with your fist. You love to suck on your fist and about anything else!

Mommy and Daddy gave you your first hair cut this month. We didn't cut much but it was enough to make you look like you don't have a weird mullet any more. You look more like a little boy now. Daddy thinks your mommy is crazy for saving your hair, but I just don't want to lose any part of your "babyhood."

When we gave you your hair cut we put you in your bumbo chair, you still don't know how to feel about that thing.

Your Grandma Neubert loves to baby sit you. You are her pride and joy now and you would be surprised how people fight over you there. You are just the center of attention all the time. (Your aunt Sophie has a hard time sharing you, she just wants you all to her self, so she takes you in another room away from everybody else and hides you so that she doesn't have to share.)

Arland so many people love you and we love to watch you grow! Even though we may seem like the craziest mommy and daddy in the world we love you more then you will ever know.