Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heath and I have been very busy the past few weeks. This is a list of photos and comments to show you what we have been doing!


A few weeks ago we were able to go camping with Heaths family and we took a four wheeler ride that was about 40 miles long! It took us all day, but the colors were amazing and we had a blast spending time with the family.

The girls and I rode the four wheelers to the top of this mountain and it was freezing cold! But the view was great!

Me and Whitney on top of the mountain!


Josh and Whitney! We had a blast with them on the ride!

Kieth and Suzanne

Amanda and Keira
Me and Heath


Heath and I were so excited to be able to spend time with my family at the circus, the animals were incredible and we loved the dogs and horses that were trained to do tricks!
There is a girls in this elephants mouth!

Heath and his mustache. His mom coudnt stop laughing. Heath painted mascara on his mustache to make the hair darker. It was hilarious!

This is Emmaline with the kids when we went to play at the park. There was this fun little creek that we took our shoes off and walked around in.

Ally, she is so cute!

Emmaline and Ally