Thursday, May 29, 2014

My littles


You are my little love muffin! Could this picture be any cuter?! You brighten my life in so many ways! I love when I wake up to your little voice in the morning saying "Mom, the suns up! Wake up!" I climb out of bed because you are begging me to make you waffles. Then you pretend burp and say "mom I hungy!" I also love after you have had a bath at night, you climb into my bed and say, "I sleep moms bed.... Mom... You snuggle me?" Or when you get really excited about something you say, "Mom it's cool?" "I'm so happy, I'm cited!" 

Right now you are obsessed with pirates and ships and buried treasure. I think your dad and make at least 5 treasure maps every day and everytime you are still so happy. You love being outside and helping mom in the yard, riding your bike, and pushing your play lawn mower. 
Arland you radiate joy. You are the happiest little boy and I can't help but smother you with smooches all day. 

Love mommy


Those baby blues get me all the time! You are the most snuggly little guy, I pick you up and you instantly lay your head on my shoulder. You are a mommas boy and you love to just be held. You have been crawling everywhere and you love to pull yourself up on the couch and chairs. You love pazley and climbing all over her! 

You are also the best eater and sleeper! This is so nice for mommy and daddy too! Porter more than anything though, you love your brother. Arland might get frustrated with you, but you love to follow him around. Yesterday Arland was throwing a ball around and you laughed so hard and chased after him and the ball. You have so much happiness inside of you! We love you so much!

Love mommy

Monday, May 26, 2014


Every year we go camping several times with Heaths family. I was never raised camping. Dad loves it....mom would rather stay in a hotel. It was a little hard for me to adjust to say the least, but I do love being outdoors and having no phone service. It's a time when everyone puts their phones away and we have real conversations with each other! I love that! I am NOT a tent camper and lucky for me I married into a family that does trailer camping! This means I get a shower, warm water and a comfy bed... This is how I can camp. Well this year we are no longer just two people camping, we have two other little people and man do they have a lot of STUFF. And if you know my husband he loves a project... So we bought a "fixer upper" trailer. I am being serious. I mean total fixer upper. It was completely yellowed and gross, HORRIBLE carpet and furniture and bad wallpaper. Well Heath tore that thing apart and now it is perfect for us! New floor, paint, furniture, curtiains, and bed! All new! So we were so excited to take our new "glamper" our for a test run! It was perfect! A miniature home away from home! Arland slept on the new couch, Porter was in the "Porter-crib" and we still had so much space! We played outside and had delicious food every day! It was so hard to leave, but we made some great memories!