Saturday, December 29, 2012


Pulham Christmas

We had a WONDERFUL holiday this year! Especially because we announced that we will be expecting a new member of our family! That's right....Arland is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

We were so excited to share the news with our family, as you can see the expression on Arlands face in the above picture! We told our families just a couple of days before Christmas (because I think that they were all expecting us to tell them on Christmas, that way it made for more of a surprise!) We wanted to wait and tell our families the day that my sister Emmaline (auntie emm) came home from China. She has been teaching English over there for the past 5 months. It just wouldn't be the same if we had to tell her over the phone (arland is her pride and JOY!) We told Heaths family the night that she came home and then off to the airport we went to pick her up and tell her our little secret! She came off the plane in her Chinese fighting outfit and all, then we told her and my other siblings about the baby! We are so excited to see Arland become a big brother and we are excited to meet this little person! The baby is due June 29th! I am so excited to have a summer baby this time around too!

For this Christmas I wanted to get Arlands pictures done. I wanted Christmas pictures, birthday pictures, and big brother announcement pictures. I was so happy with how they turned out! The one below makes Arland look like he is going to Kindergarten! NOOO please stop growing! I cant believe that he is going to be 2 this next month! He is the best thing that has ever happened to Heath and I, everyday he turns more into his dad and I cant wait for him to be a big brother! Arland is smart, witty, goofy, gentle, soft, loving, and so many other things. He is also notty, sneaky and he knows how to work his mommy and daddy. My dad said to me the other day:
Dad: " I feel sorry for Heath"
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "Because Arland is so manipulative in getting what he wants, he is alot like you."
Me: "Well thanks for the compliment!"
haha its funny how parents know exactly how their children are! And my dad has one thing right, Arland does know EXACTLY how to get what he wants.


Arlands Birthday Picture

The day auntie emm came home from China!

Christmas was good to us this year! We spent Christmas Eve with the Neuberts having a big dinner and enjoying each others company (The first Christmas in 2 years we have all been together!) Then we spent the night at the Pulhams with all of Heaths siblings. It was so fun! Especially because we all slept over (all the married kids too!) Then we got up at 4:30 am. to open presents! I know we are crazy! We then went to the Neuberts to open presents. It was wonderful and Arland got so many fun toys, especially Buzz Light year!
We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

halloween and family pics!

To Start off we LOVED Halloween this year. Here is my little guy at Gardner Village in his costume, He was an adorable tiger this year!

We also had some pictures take with Heaths family and we loved how they turned out!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday we were able to go pick our Halloween/Fall pumpkins for our front door. It was so fun to see Arland get excited about all of the big orange pumpkins all over the field. After a while he kind of lost it and was mad because he kept falling down in the thorns...he was MAD! But other than that we had a really nice family outing and we took some really great pictures of Arland first time picking out his own pumpkin! This is of our front door after.

Mom and Arland at the patch

Arland Heath and Hannah

Dad and Arland

Arland picking out his pumpkin

After going to the pumpkin patch we took Pazely up the canyon to play in the lake, it was beautiful! We had so much fun and now I have one very tired baby!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Arland lately

It has been so long since I have written you I cant believe the little boy that you have turned into right before my eyes! You are so fun right now at this age and your daddy thinks that you are the funnest you have ever been (and hardest...terrible two's are coming way to fast). You love to be with mommy and daddy. After I get done with work and I go to pick you up at Grandma Neuberts house you run up to me with your arms open and you give me a giant kiss. During the week when I am home with you we play outside and help mom around the house. You love to vacuum, and help mom with folding laundry. You also like to help mom load the dishwasher (and take things out of the dishwasher). You are such a better eater now and I am LOVING this because man teething really put a damper on your apatite. You are now eating and trying everything! Your favorites are peanut butter and honey sandwiches, green smoothies, strawberries, mac-n-cheese, (anything with cheese), rice and things that you still don't like are (potatoes, banana's).
You love your toys specifically: Your buzz and woody stuffed toys, ANY cars of ANY kind! Seriously the kid LOVES cars, play piano and trains.)
You love to take your baseball and play with mom and dad on the floor tossing it back and forth and you thought that it was so funny when the ball landed in dad's shoe. It took you a long time to stop laughing about that. You also LOVE Pazely. She is your best friend and you think that it is so funny to feed her and ride her like a horse. (poor paze, but she is a good sport.)
You love to help dad mow the lawn and be outside.
You love to get in the tub and play with a cup filling it up with water and drinking it/or dumping it all over your self. You also love Popsicles in the tub.
You are a VERY curious little boy and you are always wanting to do what ever mom and dad are doing.
You are saying things like: "Mom/Dad whats that?""GO""Hot""Buzz""Hi", and we are learning "Amen"
You are getting really good at saying prayers at night and folding your arms.
The best part is that when we ask you if you want to go to night night...you RUN to your crib. You LOVE to go to sleep and you will sleep from (8-7) it is WONDERFUL!
You are one of the happiest little boys that I know and you are so nice to everyone! There are those "toddler" moments here and there but all around you are one of the nicest most loving people that I know and I am honored to be your mother. I love you more then words can describe!
Love, Mom

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My two favorite people! Oh how I love my boys...

Monday, August 20, 2012

A long week of fun!

Well where do I even begin with this last week! I will start with Heath and I going to the demolition derby on Saturday! That was a blast! My sis in law Whitney has some great little connections when it comes to city events and so we were able to be timers for the demo derby. It was so fun!


All last week we were in sunny California! And boy we had a BLAST! We are now so exhausted from all our fun but it was nice to relax and enjoy some beach air and sunny skies! We left on Sunday night at 10 pm and drove through the night. We got really lucky with Arland who slept most of the way, but half way through the night he got a little sick and threw up...on Noah. haha nothing like welcoming your uncle home from a 2 year mission like throw up!

 This is Heath and I when we got to the beach!

 Sleepy baby...too much fun in the ocean waves. He LOVED the beach (can you tell from the picture below). Every time a wave would go out Arland would run after and chase it, the wave would come up and push him over...he would run away screaming. The boy LOVES water! Arland also liked the sand crabs that would crawl around on his little hands.
 My cute little man with his sunny shades!

We took a ferry over to Catalina island for Thursday and Friday. We got this DARLING little hotel room from this old beach house on the island and it definitely had the cuteness factor to it. There were little mosaic tile pieces on the stairs and sea shells lining the walk ways. A little girl sold sea shells in a little basket by the stairs too...DARLING!

The cute walk way up to our room! ( I loved the chairs and the stairs...pretty much everything)
 The island and all the cute signs
 Mommy and Arland on the beach
 Aunt Sophie and Arland eating licorice and going to the beach
 Emmaline in front of our cute hotel

 Bye California we will miss you! (Arlands first plane ride!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Monday, August 6, 2012

Whats new

This past week my brother Noah came home from serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (www.lds.org) in Puebla Mexico. After two years of not seeing each other it was quite clear that alot has changed in his absence. (He thinks that Sophie looks the most different, Emmaline is in College now... and going to China this month till Christmas ... heaven help that girl and those Chinese kids she about to teach! haha, and well Arland is a big addition to the family as well. When Noah left Heath and I had just announced that we were pregnant! He is now 18 months old! Crazy all the things that change in 2 years!)
This photo is of us at the airport

Arland and I love going on runs! I love his sly face in this picture

All I can say is that I have the most creative sister in laws in the world... how lucky and I?! We all love to get together and do fun things and I am so glad that we are as close as we are. My sister in laws called me one day and told me that they were going dumpster diving to get these booth benches from a local restaurant. They wanted to know if I wanted some to fix up and reupholster with them. YES!! So this is the end result and I love them! Thanks Whit and Chels for a fun time!

Arland loves playing with kids, any kids for that matter and these are some of our good friends playing with Arland. He looks so grown up sitting with these boys!

At the end of the day he still likes a bottle of Gatorade and his cowboy woody!

Mom and Arland on our walk. Oh how I love this little boy. He has definitely stolen his mommies heart!

Saturday, July 28, 2012



Flights are booked and we are ready for a break!

We are going with my family to Carlsbad California (one of our favorite vacation places...beach...sun...sand...and fish tacos!)

We are also taking the ferry over to Catalina Island for 2 days! Woo Hoo We are so excited!