Saturday, March 12, 2016

I love.....❤️

From the moment I started having babies I knew what my girls name would be. From the time I was a little girl I would watch old black and white shows on Nick at Night with my grandma Jepsen. I loved them. And I loved watching them with her. We watched the classics "Lavern and Shirley" "Happy Days" we would stay up late into the night laughing our guts out. But my most favorite was "I Love Lucy." We would laugh with her, quote lines. We would talk about her for endless hours! I have some of the best memories surrounding I love Lucy and my Grandma. I always knew I wanted my own Lucy. I hoped I would have a Lucy. And now I do. So in June we will get to meet our very own little Lucy. I love Lucy❤️

A While...

Whelp a lot has changed since my last post. I feel like I have been saying that every time I get on here to post somthing. To start we are having a baby! We found out in October and we could barely keep our excitement! We ended up telling out families on Halloween. Nothing big or exciting, Emmaline happend to be in town and we thought it was a good time to tell. Little did we know that a week later Amanda and Cort told us they were expecting too. And just 2 weeks before us! Yippee! So that put them at June 14th 2016. And our little peanut at June 29th 2016. That's right, the same EXACT day that Porter was due. We were terrified, excited, nervous and any other emotion you can think of. Just 8 weeks after that (I was 16 weeks) we were having dinner at keith and Suzanne's when josh and Whitney announced that THEY are expecting! Haha seriously so funny! And they are due July 3rd 2016. Less then a week behind us! They also knew what they were having! I was a mess! Everyone knew what they were having, but us! Amanda and Cort = boy! Josh and Whitney = girl! And us...... We had our appt that week. I had a regular heart beat check and I asked dr. Ollerton if he wouldn't mind just taking a peek. As I layed there I kept seeing what I thought was a boy part, I had been convincing my self that I would be an all boy mom. Heath had 3 brothers before a girl and I expected the same. I had prepared myself. "That means boy right? It looks like a boy right?" Heath just laughed the entire time! Dr. Ollerton confirmed my dream...... It's a GIRL! I cried! I was in shock, disbelief! I was going to have a girl after all! I was going to get to do the pinks, and the hair bows, and the American girl dolls! After that appt we took some pink sugar cookies to my family and had them open the bag! Their reaction was priceless, Sophie was screaming and jumping up and down! And my dad couldn't stop smiling. My mom couldn't start sewing fast enough! That night we had a gender reveal for heaths family. The kids got to pull open a box that had pink balloons and glitter fall from it. It was awesome! And my boys.... Couldn't be happier! They love touching my belly and talking to her. Arland loves to say " don't worry baby, I will teach you everything!" 
I am now 24 weeks, one week over 23. It's a huge milestone for us! 23 weeks is when I was flown to the U of U. We feel so much love for you baby sister, we can't wait to meet you... Just not until June. 😉