Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our life lately

He will How has time passed so unbelievable fast! Lucy is now 6 months old and our life seems to go as it always does... Too fast. 
Arland started kindergarten this year and it has had many ups and downs. We started off the year with many questions for his neurologist. He started having panic attacks at school, some so bad that he just starts crying and can't stop. He will tell me that his head is sea sick and that he wants to stay at school but his head wants to go home. Poor kid! So anyway we have been to see his neurologist and she told us that he is ready to be weaned off his medication. Which is terrific and terrifying at the same time. Arland has been having much better days at school the past couple of weeks and we have been thrilled! He loves school! We have a chart at home that if he has a good day at school then He gets to put a sticker on his chart. He runs out to the car now waving his hand which has a sticker on it because he had a good day. He is such an amazing little person that is learning SO much. He is so helpful and is learning patience harder then any other 5 year old I know. We love him more then he will ever know❤️. 

Porter started his first year of preschool and has LOVED it! He loves his teacher miss Claudia, who also teaches in Spanish! He loves going every day, and looks forward to showing me everything he is doing. The other day we heard him singing to himself and then we realized he was singing the color song in Spanish! It was amazing and so adorable! He absolutely is in love with Lucy. He calls her lulu lemon and loves to make her happy and smile. It is so fun to see their relationship and how much they love eachother. He loves to play dinosaurs and especially the miniature dinosaurs. He will go in his room or downstairs and play quietly by himself and I just love listening to him play. 

Lucy is 6 months now and is smiling, giggling, rolling over and playing with toys. She is our little ray of sunshine and just loves to lay on the floor and watch us walk around the house. 

We just got back from a trip to Yellowstone with heaths family and it was a blast! It was so fun to unwind and drive around the park. The kids did amazing and didn't have any technology the entire time we were driving! We loved to just look out the window at the beautiful scenery and animals. We are just loving our time as a family right now and we are so thankful for so many amazing memories! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A day to remember

On April 12, 2016 the boys and I started out the day at the mechanic. We got our car registered and went out to lunch at kneaders bakery. I remember watching them as we enjoyed our meal thinking to myself how lucky I was to have these two. We laughed about little things they would say and different things they wanted to do that day, "mom would that be a great idea?!" -Arland 
After lunch we went to the river park which we love! I layed on a blanket and watched my two little men run through the trees and go down the big slides. They each got to pick out a rock to add to their collection as we walked back to the car. 
After we got home I noticed our cute little neighbor girl waiting patiently outside for her two little boyfriends to ride bikes with her. The boys ran out of car embracing her as if it had been years since they had seen each other. We sat outside, me on a lawn chair chatting with my sweet neighbors and the kids riding bikes and getting much needed sun light! After several hours we decided it was time to get ready for bed. I put the boys in the shower and put their comfy Jammie's on them. Porter had some left overs for dinner and Arland wanted chicken and ranch. As I walked down the stairs I felt as though I had peed my pants. I hoped it wasn't my water. I walked into the bathroom and noticed that my thought had been confirmed. I called Heath and told him that I had thought my water broke but I wasn't sure. He raced home as Sophie came over to watch my boys. At the American fork hospital we were greeted by dr. Lameroux who was also my dr for Porter. They tested my water and confirmed that I had ruptured. They started me on magnesium and steroid injections while we waited for the helicopter to arrive to take me to the u of u. As the life flight nurse entered the room I noticed that she was the same sweet nurse who comforted me when I flew with Porter. She walked right up to me and hugged me, we noticed each other right off and she held my hand as the rest of the team strapped me to the helicopter bed. She looked and me and said "we've got this!" They loaded me into the helicopter where a new flight nurse instantly became an angel for me too, Julie. As the helicopter took off, Mar (my nurse with Porter) held my hand and waved to my family out the window. She asked how I was doing as she pulled out a thing that looked about the size of a game boy. She put the monitor on my belly to listen to baby's heart beat and asked me what position I thought baby was in. I told her breach. She told me I was wrong, that baby had flipped head down, she turned her little game boy machine to me and showed me that it was an ultrasound machine! She was doing an ultrasound in the air! After we landed I found out that my same doc was on call that night, the same one that delivered Porter. Also one of my favorite nurses would be on there next night! Road down memory lane! They started me on antibiotics in the same room I had with Porter, the room with the window to the NBICU. Heath accidentally tapped the window with his head and what do you know... Porter nicu nurse opened the window! Seriously baby Lucy is in the BEST hands. We know this because we have had first hand experience! These people were set in our path for a specific reason. We have laughed with them cried with them and shared milestones that no one can ever comprehend, they are our angels on earth and we have been bound forever in friendship to them. We feel so blessed to be here with Lucy, she is so lucky to have so many people fighting for her. She is measuring at 3 lbs and 29 weeks gestation. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I love.....❤️

From the moment I started having babies I knew what my girls name would be. From the time I was a little girl I would watch old black and white shows on Nick at Night with my grandma Jepsen. I loved them. And I loved watching them with her. We watched the classics "Lavern and Shirley" "Happy Days" we would stay up late into the night laughing our guts out. But my most favorite was "I Love Lucy." We would laugh with her, quote lines. We would talk about her for endless hours! I have some of the best memories surrounding I love Lucy and my Grandma. I always knew I wanted my own Lucy. I hoped I would have a Lucy. And now I do. So in June we will get to meet our very own little Lucy. I love Lucy❤️

A While...

Whelp a lot has changed since my last post. I feel like I have been saying that every time I get on here to post somthing. To start we are having a baby! We found out in October and we could barely keep our excitement! We ended up telling out families on Halloween. Nothing big or exciting, Emmaline happend to be in town and we thought it was a good time to tell. Little did we know that a week later Amanda and Cort told us they were expecting too. And just 2 weeks before us! Yippee! So that put them at June 14th 2016. And our little peanut at June 29th 2016. That's right, the same EXACT day that Porter was due. We were terrified, excited, nervous and any other emotion you can think of. Just 8 weeks after that (I was 16 weeks) we were having dinner at keith and Suzanne's when josh and Whitney announced that THEY are expecting! Haha seriously so funny! And they are due July 3rd 2016. Less then a week behind us! They also knew what they were having! I was a mess! Everyone knew what they were having, but us! Amanda and Cort = boy! Josh and Whitney = girl! And us...... We had our appt that week. I had a regular heart beat check and I asked dr. Ollerton if he wouldn't mind just taking a peek. As I layed there I kept seeing what I thought was a boy part, I had been convincing my self that I would be an all boy mom. Heath had 3 brothers before a girl and I expected the same. I had prepared myself. "That means boy right? It looks like a boy right?" Heath just laughed the entire time! Dr. Ollerton confirmed my dream...... It's a GIRL! I cried! I was in shock, disbelief! I was going to have a girl after all! I was going to get to do the pinks, and the hair bows, and the American girl dolls! After that appt we took some pink sugar cookies to my family and had them open the bag! Their reaction was priceless, Sophie was screaming and jumping up and down! And my dad couldn't stop smiling. My mom couldn't start sewing fast enough! That night we had a gender reveal for heaths family. The kids got to pull open a box that had pink balloons and glitter fall from it. It was awesome! And my boys.... Couldn't be happier! They love touching my belly and talking to her. Arland loves to say " don't worry baby, I will teach you everything!" 
I am now 24 weeks, one week over 23. It's a huge milestone for us! 23 weeks is when I was flown to the U of U. We feel so much love for you baby sister, we can't wait to meet you... Just not until June. 😉