Saturday, February 25, 2012

1 year 1 month

Today is a big landmark for Arland he is 1 year 1 month... (mostly for momma too) because yesterday someone asked me how old my little boy is and I responded saying 1 year old. That got me thinking about how he is not in the "months" anymore. I miss him being this little baby at three months and then 6 months and so on. I miss all those milestones and then I think about who he is at this time in his life and I know that I love him at this point too, I cant wait for all the fun things that Arland is going to do and say. He makes me smile everyday with the different things that he does. The other day my dad asked Arland where his momma was and he patted my shoulder and said "mama" oh how I loved that! He loves to share his cheerios with mama and his toys and he is curious and wants mommy to show him how things work. He loves his walks and he loves Pazely. He loves to chase her tail and figure out why it wiggles so much. He is truly pure joy and I love him as he is right now. I have loved all his different stages I just wish it could slow down a little bit more!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am a little bit obsessed with these people right now. Sophie my little sister got the series for Christmas and I am WAY behind on the Harry Potter movies so I have been catching up the past couple of weeks and I am loving them! They are truly classics!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Do squeaky shoes really work?

Arland is having a hard time getting the courage to stand on his own to feet. He prefers to just scoot all over the house and he is not terrified to walk. I ordered these squeaky shoes in hopes that they will give him the courage to take a few steps. Let me know what you think...whether they actually help motivate walking?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handsome Boy

Arlands 1 year pictures!

Isnt he so handsome! I love the facial expressions that this little boy makes. He is so curious and smart and you can see this in his face.

Arland now knows where his nose is! He loves to put his finger up to his lip and blow bubbles to make noise. He also hates the word "NO", ha ha he hates that word and he loves to just scoot all over the floor! I hope you like his pictures!