Saturday, January 31, 2015


Oh Porter where do I begin! You have changed before my eyes. You love to play with Arland and steal his toys:) you are a firecracker! We took your high chair away because you love to just sit up on the bar stool with your brother to eat. 
You are saying two words together now like "where's arland?" And "go paze" it's adorable! 
You love your cousins! Any and all friends too! You have the sweetest disposition about you Porter. We say family prayers at night and I love to watch you during them because you fold your arms and bow your head to pray. You truly are a miracle porter and I am so glad you chose us to be your family. 


Where has time gone! My baby, my Arland, how have you grown so fast! I look at all the things Porter is doing and BAM just like that I have flash backs of you doing the same things. You are amazing to me Arland. 
We have had kind of an adjustment period for you lately. We are now doing pretty well on your medicine regiment to control your seizures, and you are doing extremely well. There are moments where I have to pinch my self because I see you learning and growing and it makes my heart burst for joy. I love you. 
We had such a fun party for you. It was a day filled with pirates and friends. We had a piniata and mom made a pirate ship cake. You were happy. We all were happy. 
You started primary this year and you have such nice teachers and cute little friends. I love seeing you make relationships with all the other kids. You love your little friend Maycee, you two can play for hours! Maycee loves to hug you and tell you how wonderful you are. She is the best 😍. 
Arland boy time had gone too fast I know some day I am going to miss how you want me to lay in bed with you at night reading Magic Tree House books and listening to you whisper in my ear that I am your favorite gal. I am going to miss you turning all the lights off in the house so you can tell me a scary story about a pirate ship. And making shadow figures on the wall because you can't fall asleep. I am going to miss all those things. So please, let your fourth year go a little slower then your third. I want to savor every moment with you. 
Love, mommy