Thursday, August 11, 2011

arland 6 months!

6 Months old!

Sorry this post is a month late almost! Arland is almost 7 months old and this is a post for his 6 month birthday. I love to write him little letters about how he is changing every month. I hope you enjoy!

Arland Loves to Swim! This was on his 6 month mark!

Arland you are now getting so big! Well that could be an understatement...I should say that you are getting so LONG! You weight on the other hand sadly is not the same. You are truly a skinny string bean! We had you 6 month appointment and you measured in at 27.9 inches 80th percentile and your head came in at 80th for you age. This is the kicker though, I feel as though you eat constantly (ever 2 hours 3/4 cup of cereal and then 6 oz of bottle) but it is just going right through you. So many people would love to have your metabolism! You weighed in at 13.9 pounds and you are in the 10th percentile for your weight! The doctor says that you are just tall and skinny and there is nothing to worry about so that was a relief!

I cant believe all the changes that you made this month!

You got your first tooth! It is on the bottom right and when it cut this month you were in so much pain and it was so hard for mommy to watch you go through that pain of that little tooth popping through. We love your little grin and now that this little tooth has made its presence, your smile is contagious!
You are loving all fruits and veggies! Eating cereal around 3-4 times a day and then a bottle in between. The doctor say that table food is great for you now!
You also rolled over this last month, hooray! I think that this is a huge milestone for you even through you still hate being on your stomach. You will roll from you stomach to your back but that is only because you hate being on your stomach! You roll and scoot all over the place and you love to stand up in the new walker that we got you this month! You love to sit in your walker in the living room and watch Curious George with all the music and everything.
Naps are not your favorite but you are getting better at them!
You are making so many more noises now and you will lay on mommy and daddies bed and talk to all of your toys. It is so funny because you find a new noise every day and for that whole day you will make that same noise. (At the grocery store the other day all of these ladies kept complimenting on what a happy baby you are. You smile and everyone and you were blowing bubbles the entire time we were in the store.)
You love your binky and anything and everything that you can put in your mouth because you are teething now.
You love when daddy wrestles you and throws you in the air. We will kiss your chin and you get laughing so hard! You also make bubbles and say "babababa" it is your favorite noise right now. You also love to pucker your lips out and make a pouty face that is to die for!
You are sitting all the way up now and love playing with your toys without any support at your back.
You are sleeping around 8-7 am! I LOVE it! We keep you room really cold at night because it is so hot during the day in the summer that we have to cool it down before we put you to bed. I turn it off after you are asleep but the dang heat just wipes you right out!
We went camping in Orangville this past weekend for the 24th of July with the Robertsons. We had such a fun time but boy did you not sleep well there. You would fall asleep and I would put you on the bottom bunk to sleep there but 30 minutes later you would cry wanting me to hold you and when I would let go you would cry. Needless to say it was a long night but I did love snuggling with you on that trip. You hated the fire works though, you screamed the entire time!

You love the tub! It is so fun to give you baths because you love to splash and scoot all over the tub. I put this wash cloth on your stomach while I am washing you, and this is more entertaining to you then any other toy because you suck on it the whole time. You kick all over the tub from the end to the top. You are getting so blond like mommy and you have the bluest eyes! Mommy and Daddy love you more then anything in the entire world and you truly are the center of our Universe! We love you Arlie boy!