Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas at the Pulhams!

My mom made this quilt for my graduation, and my mother in law made us the christmas table runner! We have very artisitc and tallented people in our family.

This is my new nativity set! I love it and I got it for a great deal which made it even better!

This is what our front room looks like. We some how were able to fit the tree in our apartment!

For the theme of our tree I couldnt help my self but make it "COWBOY" Seeing as my husband is a cowboy. It turned out so cute!


Melissa And Jason Cheney said...

I love your tree!! it is so dang cute!!

Hyrum And Tiffany said...

Cute decorations!

Michael & Rachael said...

Hannah! Your apartment is adorable! :)