Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last of Christmas in Utah

Welcome home from Utah Heath and Hannah

What do you spy?...All I see is snow...Hibernation?

Winter Wonderland!

Our apartment complex.

Pioneer Park.

Need I say more.

The snow is clear up to the seat on the bench and it covered the stairs on the play set completely.

My mom made this beautiful quilt for my grandparents for Christmas. It is a quilt documenting their life in Alaska. My grandpa also made a book for my mom with some of the same pictures documenting their life in Alaska. They had no idea what each other were doing.

Heath made me this beautiful book case for Christmas. He made it in three days with the help of his brother Josh. Josh made his wife a beautiful ceder chest. They are so incredible. I love the book case!

Heath and I played Mary and Joseph in the "Nativity" at my parents house.

Sophie and I at Heath's parents house horseback riding with the family.

My mom only rides large pregnant mares...so she claims. It was kind of scary for her to get on the horse because only seconds earlier the horse took off with Sophie on it.

Emmaline and my dad.

My dad... a natural on the horse.

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