Monday, January 19, 2009

Jackson Hole

This weekend turned into a blast when Josh and Whitney decided to come stay with us. We kind of made a last minute decision to go to Jackson Hole for a night. We stayed in this really nice hotel in Alpine with the most beautiful scenery. We did some walking around the shops during the day and we took a really great sleigh ride to see some of the wild life. It was a really great weekend!

This is Jazzy, Whitney and Josh's Yorkie. They got her last week and she is so cute and little. I love this picture of her in the boot.

We all decided that it would be really fun to go on this sleigh ride in Jackson Hole. It took us on a tour of an elk reservation. There were tons of elk and we had a blast!

One of the many great shots of the Elk.

In Jackson Hole they take some of the antlers that fall off and they made these arches at the park.

The view from our Hotel.

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The Buckingham Family said...

How fun! Whitney's little dog is so dang cute.
Looks like you had a GREAT sleigh ride.
Come visit our blog, I found yours off of Liz's blog.