Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on House!

Hello again everybody! We are so excited to move into our house we can hardly stand it! This past week has been demolition week and we appreciate all of the help from everyone. There were a few things that we wanted done to the house before we moved in, little things like knocking down walls here and there and tearing down the ceiling...like I said little things, no big deal. Well because we have made these small changes a large amount of dust has accumulated throughout the house, forcing us to have a huge cleaning party! It was well worth it though to make the changes that we did. We knocked down a wall that divides the living room from the kitchen and made a half wall there and then we knocked out a few walls to make the master bedroom closet bigger! I am so excited about that! The house looks great and we have been doing these projects in record time! We had my dad, my brother Heaths dad, his brothers, coursin Mark and his great friend Colton help us on the house and they have been so great to help us, we are extremely lucky to have all of these men with such great skills. Here are some pictures of our house for now!

The house! Josh and Heath are outside cutting stuff.

Heath standing in our kitchen.

Colton working hard to finish the closet!

The half wall! We are so excited because this opens the house up so much!

Josh did the trim on the outside of it.

My dad working on the closet! He is the greatest! Thanks dad!
My Dad and Colton

My brother Noah's girl friend Catalina, she is covering her face from all of the dust. It was seriously so bad, you could not breathe at all!

Josh is such a good sport for helping us, it was so nice to have him there to help!

This is my red wall in my kitchen! I got to paint it my self.....Josh helped a little.


Tyler and Lacey said...

Love the red Wall!!! It is adorable! Such a cute house! Good luck with all the renovations!

Chelsey said...

It looks GREAT!!! I can't wait to see it all finished and with your adorable decorations in place!