Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas, Baby Shower and 36 weeks Pregnant!!!

Heath got a pro-fitted JAZZ hat for Christmas, oh how he loves his team!

Heath also got his first hand gun!

I got a video camera!

Over the Holidays we were able to go to temple square with the Pulham Family for dinner and to see the lights! We had a blast!

Me at 36 weeks!!!! Almost there!!!!

Baby Shower at Pulhams!

The moms at the shower

All of the girls !

Me and my mom!

Suzanne got me a stroller and car seat, and all of the aunts got me a bassinet for the baby!

My mom made me these bumper pads and the quilt topper for the quilt, they were beautiful!


Kendra said...

You are such a nice wife to buy him a gun! I guess I will remain the mean wife to nate :) I am so excited for you to have this baby! Keep us posted!

Tyler and Lacey said...

You are beautiful! Glad you guys are doing well and had a good christmas! Good Luck with the baby!

Spencer and Tessa said...

So you're related to Becky Ivins?? What a small world! You look beautiful Hannah!!

Tiffany and Mike said...

You look so cute! I LOVE those bumper pads, so cute. Can't wait to meet your little guy!