Saturday, February 26, 2011

1 Month Old!

Things I love about Arland at 1 month old:

The “quivering chin” When you cry you scrunch up your chin and poke your bottom lip out, it’s adorable! This really accentuates the dimple in your chin.

When I change your diaper or put you in the tub (which you really like! Your face is priceless when we put your body in the water, you don’t really know what to think, staring with a serious face is all you do), at the last second when you feel insecure, you spread your arms and legs out with your hands and feet stiff as a board and scream.(Your daddy then laughs at you because he thinks its so funny)

At night when I put you to bed I give you a little bit of formula to “top you off” and in the middle of the night when you wake up to have me feed you, you cry only for a moment until you realize that it is mommy holding you and then you instantly become quiet.

You also love to snuggle! Especially in mommy and daddy’s bed. You kick dad to the end of the bed and completely take over his side. It’s so funny to watch because I know that you are totally content in that spot.

I love how curious you are about light and bright colors you look as though you see something that nobody else does.

You do like your swing, but not for very long. Its better when mommy or daddy is holding you and we get to snuggle!

You sleep the longest from 5-9 am with the shortest being 1-3 am. Your daddy has to wake up at 3am because you make me the most tired at that time! (Daddy’s are great for things like that)

You get these hiccups that drive you absolutely crazy! They are so intense that you start to cry after a while!

Every time we burp you, you have these really strong legs that push your entire body up and away! You can now lift your head!

Arlie at 1 month old!

Arland and Daddy watching the game!

Tub time with your hand stretched out, we are waiting to hear a scream!

Mommy and Arland

Love, Mommy


Jami & James said...

he is so cute Hannah!

Spencer and Tessa said...

You are such a cute mom! He is adorable!

Mayce and Ethan said...

Aw how sweet. Snuggling with your baby is just the best thing ever! I love how blogs let you document everything - kinda like an online journal so you can have these memories forever