Saturday, March 26, 2011

Arland at 2 Months

My sweet baby boy, you now have had your shots and you did AMAZING! You cried only during the shots and then you smiled after!

You do this funny thing with your bottom lip where you poke it out like you are pouting, it is hilarious and we love it. You do this when you are wanting to be held or get your diaper changed. You still “quiver” your chin and now when you cry it sound like you say “Mom,” it sound more like “Maaaaaaaam”! I know that you are not really saying anything, but the fact that you are vocalizing that word to me, makes me the happiest mommy in the world… even if it is only when you cry.

Your smile is so beautiful! I love it when you smile for me. You mostly do it when I change your diaper ( by the way I am now a pro at changing your diaper, we have not had a spray in a very long time, on the other hand you pee every time your daddy changes your diaper) you love when we change your diaper. You also wake up around 7 am every morning and that is when you smile the most! You love the mornings, seeing the light and daddy and mommy smiling at you. You have discovered your tongue and it is so funny to see you stick it out and make noises with it. You are also making cooing noises now and we coo right back at you.

When I feed you, I love to rub your feet, and you love to have them rubbed. We have also found a formula that helps with your spitting and it is some hearty stuff, it is so thick that I know it just sits right in the bottom of your stomach.

Because we are feeding you this formula you are now sleeping from about 11 pm to 4:30 am and then you wake up at 7 am to be up for the day. This has been GLORIOUS! I don’t have the courage to move you to your bedroom yet because I love having you so close to me so for the time being, you will sleep in your bassinet in mommy and daddies room.

You love the shower! Your daddy holds you in the water and lets it trickle on your face and you fall right asleep. The tub on the other hand is another story. You love it, but it makes you feel totally in secure so you scream and have real tears stream down your face.

You love to be held and you know when I put you down, it is as if the world has come to an end sometimes. A lot of people say that it is a bad thing to hold your baby but I think that you can never hold your baby too much and so I just enjoy every moment that I get to be with you.

Pazely is still trying to figure you out. She is not quite sure why you make so much noise and she loves to watch me give you baths in the tub. She sticks her head over the side of the tub to watch you and tilts her head like she wonders what you are and why you are making so much noise.

Your measurements for your 2 month appointment are

Weight: 9.7 pounds

Height: 23 inches

Head circ: 38.5 cm

You’re healthy and happy and that is more than a mommy and daddy could ask for!

Love, Mommy

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Hyrum And Tiffany said...

Hannah he is so adorable and so tiny!!! Jaxon weighed almost that much when he born. what a sweet little boy!!!!