Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Pumpkin!

This last week the Pulham family had a party at their house. Heaths parents have been planning this forever and it was fun to actually be able to do it now. My father in law got these giant pumpkins that he wanted to put the grandkids in and take pictures. It was so fun to carve these giant pumpkins and to put Arland and Addie inside of them.

Isnt that the happiest pumpkin you have ever seen! He loved this!

The excitement didnt last for long....Addie and Arland got tired of it after a while. Arland sure does love his cousin Addie though!

Arland and Daddy

This weekend we took Arland on the swing at the park too. He didnt really know what to think and started crying. We then put him in the same swing with Addie and he did a little better. Addie on the other hand LOVED it. She was hysterical!

Arland and Mommy!


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Chelsey said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love all the pictures. I can't belive how big he's getting. Hope everything's going great for you guys. Miss ya!