Friday, March 23, 2012


It has been quite a while since I have written on this blog and alot has happened since then! First off I found out that I will be walking for graduation in APRIL!!! WOO HOO I seriously have never been so relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel. School has taught me so many things about people, communication, responsibility and the importance of learning. The things that I have learned in school I will take with me for the rest of my life and you can never receive TOO much education. It is important to always be learning. If you are not learning then you are not growing and it is important to grown and gain more knowledge in life...because in the end that is all that we can take with us. In the beginning I thought of college as a means of something to do. I didnt know who I was or what my educational purpose was but as the years have gone on and the experiences and the places and people I have met have shaped who I am today. I know that I love to help people take care of themselves and taking care of people starts with prevention. I love Health and I love how amazing the human body is and if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. It has been hard getting to this point in my education but now that I am here I am so thankful for all the bumps I had along the way. My support system has been amazing starting with my husband. He is the most supportive person that I know and he has always been a strong supporter in my education. He wants me to grow and be independent and financially stable if the time happened to come that he couldn't take care of our family. Heath has been there for me through the long nights of writing papers and putting together presentations. He has watched arland through the night so that I could get things ready for the next day. He has been my confidant and emotional stability through meltdowns and great achievements. He has been my everything through this journey and I couldn't have done it without him. Second of all my family, they have been there for me from day one and never gave me the option to NOT go to college. They always said that it was school or complete poverty. Well did I really have a choice? They made it known that if I didnt have school or my education I would disappoint my self in alot of ways, and they were right. I would never want to disappoint myself. My dad has been a great example of how to give a project your all and go above and beyond. He has showed me that with hard work and studying I still may not pass a test or an assignment but that doesn't really matter because I am good at alot of other things and that I can still pass the class. In the end I have had the greatest experiences going to school and I would never trade it for anything.

And it helps too that Heath and I are going on this ship in 38 days!!!! FUN IN THE SUN!!!

Arland and I went to the zoo with Whitney and Adie this last week! It was fun to see them look at all the animals!

Mommy and Arland on the train!

And the cutest picture of the week! Heath sent this to me while I was in class. I love these two!

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