Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday we were able to go pick our Halloween/Fall pumpkins for our front door. It was so fun to see Arland get excited about all of the big orange pumpkins all over the field. After a while he kind of lost it and was mad because he kept falling down in the thorns...he was MAD! But other than that we had a really nice family outing and we took some really great pictures of Arland first time picking out his own pumpkin! This is of our front door after.

Mom and Arland at the patch

Arland Heath and Hannah

Dad and Arland

Arland picking out his pumpkin

After going to the pumpkin patch we took Pazely up the canyon to play in the lake, it was beautiful! We had so much fun and now I have one very tired baby!


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