Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Birthday

2 years ago....
This little person came into our lives

You truly are an amazing little person! I cant believe all of the little changes that you make everyday and I wish at times that I could just bottle memories up for ever and keep you the way that you are. As your mommy and daddy we love this time in your life because we can see your little personality and spirit shining through your little eyes in so many ways. I love the looks that you get when you are so happy and excited to play. You love other children and you are so friendly and lovable to the kids that you play with. When we go to church on Sundays, mommy and daddy can not get you out of the car fast enough to go play in nursery. You have a favorite teacher there that helped you learn to play with the other kids and now you are such a good friend to all the other kids.
Your favorite things right now consist of trucks, cars, animals, toy story, toy story oh and toy story. You think that you can fly like Buzz Light year and we love to see you run all over the house with your arms stretched out pretending that you are flying all over. Your daddy thinks that you eat.sleep and play toy story ALL.THE.TIME!
You also love to play with the little puppy that we have at our house right now. You will go and pick up the puppy upside down and have it ride your trains and cars. Mommy had to show you how to hold it gently.
You love to play at your grandma loris house while mommy is at work. While you are there you love to play in her little kitchen under the stairs, you make all sorts of creations with her play food. You also love all the little kids that live on grandma's street. They like to play outside with you with cars and bikes.
Arland we love your little personality. You are shy and timid when you don't know people and you get nervous and look down. When you are doing something sneaky, your eyes move back and forth from side to side and you know that you shouldn't be doing something but you are going to do it any way. (Grandpa says mommy was the EXACT same way)
You are such a nice boy Arland and I am so excited for you to be a big brother! I can tell that you will be so good with a brother and that you will love him so much just like you love being with other little kids.
For your birthday yesterday Mommy and Daddy took you to get breakfast and play on the play set. You LOVED it! There were other little kids there and you would just go right up to them and hold their hands. You loved playing and daddy climbed up to the top of the slide with you a few times too.
We also went to lunch with aunt Whitney and cousin Adie. We let you two play your little hearts out and you changed right before my eyes there. Usually you get scared about climbing on things but yesterday you climbed to the tallest slide and went down all by your self! I was one proud mommy because I got to see you conquer one of your fears. You are growing and changing every day and we are so thankful to have you in our lives little boy.

Love, Mommy 

I love you little cowboy!

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