Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We said goodbye to this lady. (Saddest day ever for me, BEST day ever for her!) She didn't shed one tear she was just SO excited!

You are getting so big! I cant believe how fast you are changing and the things you can do and say now. You are seriously such a happy guy! You love everyone, especially baby Porter. I love that you like to help mommy around the house. You give Porter his binky or a blanky and you just love to help. You are loving planes right now and you love to play with Paze. You are SUCH a picky eater! I never thought I would have a picky eater because I was never that way but you are seriously so picky, which doesn't help your "weight" issue. I guess you have your daddy's genes. I love you buddy you brighten my day and make me laugh All The TIME! Love, Momma

My love bug you are my little miracle everyday. I love this stage of your life right now. You smile CONSTANTLY! You are always happy and just glad to be apart of the crowd. I think that you are teething right now because you could chew off my finger and your binky. Today mommy was reminded of everything that we went through together. Not that I don't think about it all the time. Today I was at Timpanogos Hospital doing some work and I pulled into the parking lot where they put mommy on the helicopter to go up to the U of U. I parked right in front and stared at it for a second. Its the first time I have been there since that day. I remember being put on that helicopter and the flight nurse that was talking to me, trying to keep me calm. I remember hearing her talk to the pilot, I kept my eyes closed because I was so scared, but I could hear everything. I remember thinking about you and praying that you Porter Boy would stay with me and that Heavenly Father wouldn't leave us. I remember talking to you in my head as they loaded me onto the helicopter. I had all of those feelings rush back to me, and I started shaking. It was such a magnificently spiritual experience that I cherish every day. I remember those people that day, their voices. I remember you, I loved you so much already. Thank you for sharing that with me Porter. Thank you for choosing me to do that for you. Love, Mommy 

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