Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our life lately

He will How has time passed so unbelievable fast! Lucy is now 6 months old and our life seems to go as it always does... Too fast. 
Arland started kindergarten this year and it has had many ups and downs. We started off the year with many questions for his neurologist. He started having panic attacks at school, some so bad that he just starts crying and can't stop. He will tell me that his head is sea sick and that he wants to stay at school but his head wants to go home. Poor kid! So anyway we have been to see his neurologist and she told us that he is ready to be weaned off his medication. Which is terrific and terrifying at the same time. Arland has been having much better days at school the past couple of weeks and we have been thrilled! He loves school! We have a chart at home that if he has a good day at school then He gets to put a sticker on his chart. He runs out to the car now waving his hand which has a sticker on it because he had a good day. He is such an amazing little person that is learning SO much. He is so helpful and is learning patience harder then any other 5 year old I know. We love him more then he will ever know❤️. 

Porter started his first year of preschool and has LOVED it! He loves his teacher miss Claudia, who also teaches in Spanish! He loves going every day, and looks forward to showing me everything he is doing. The other day we heard him singing to himself and then we realized he was singing the color song in Spanish! It was amazing and so adorable! He absolutely is in love with Lucy. He calls her lulu lemon and loves to make her happy and smile. It is so fun to see their relationship and how much they love eachother. He loves to play dinosaurs and especially the miniature dinosaurs. He will go in his room or downstairs and play quietly by himself and I just love listening to him play. 

Lucy is 6 months now and is smiling, giggling, rolling over and playing with toys. She is our little ray of sunshine and just loves to lay on the floor and watch us walk around the house. 

We just got back from a trip to Yellowstone with heaths family and it was a blast! It was so fun to unwind and drive around the park. The kids did amazing and didn't have any technology the entire time we were driving! We loved to just look out the window at the beautiful scenery and animals. We are just loving our time as a family right now and we are so thankful for so many amazing memories! 

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