Sunday, December 27, 2009



Heath and I were able to go stay with my family in Idaho at my grandparents house over the holidays and we had a really great time. There was lots of food, presents, snow and hot chocolate involved and we enjoyed spending time all together. Here are some pictures of our trip. We hope you all had a great holiday!

We went sledding up in the hills and we took the two dogs, pazley and pheobe with us. It was so pretty!

All of us taking a break from sledding down the hill. It is always so fun to go down the hill, its the coming up that kicks your but. We could hardly breath when we got to the top of the hill.

We tied Sophie's sled to Heaths truck with a rope and pulled her around in the snow. It was funny because we were all sitting in the truck and Sophie was out there by herself hitting rock and snow piles along the way. Her face was priceless.

Emmaline and I went down the hill together, we didn't make it very far and when we stopped she shoved my face in the snow and white washed me! I was so mad and being the nice sister that I am I didn't do it back....I called heath over to shove her face in the snow for me! ha ha it was so funny we were both on the verge of tears after. What are sisters for right?!

This is Heath waiting for a sled to go down the hill.

Emmaline, Heath, Hannah, Sophie and Noah. Pheobe is in the picture and you cant see it but Pazley followed her around everywhere. She wanted to be just like the bog dog.

Emmaline going down the hill and every one else walking back up. It wasn't an easy hike!

We were all exhausted, can you tell. This is Emmaline and Pazley they crashed as soon as we got home from sledding.

Grandma making lunch for us all. She is the greatest!

This is a hat that I got Sophie for Christmas and I made all of the flowers to go with it, she got a huge bag full of flowers and headbands that I made her for Christmas.

Pazley loves Pheobe, even if Pheobe doesn't love her back. I like this picture because it is the dog that I grew up with and my new little puppy!

Pazley and I opening presents!

My Grandpa Bud! Look at his new spiffy hat!

This is Emmalines spiffy hat. She thinks she is cool...

Heath and his handsome shirt that my grandma got him!

My cute grandma and her new sensy.

Heath was scaring Emmaline that he was going to cut her hair it was really funny.

Sophie opening presents

I finally have the entire collection. Heath and I love "I Love Lucy!" I am one of her biggest fans, my grandma and I use to watch her when I was little and I have been hooked ever since.

Noah opening presents. It is his last Christmas with us, he leaves on a mission this year!

My grandma made these purses for my sisters, they turned out so cute!

Pazley is finally learning how to retrieve things and bring them back to Heath. She is a great dog we got really lucky!

Look how cute they are together!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Love, Heath and Hannah (and Pazley!)

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