Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arland 5 Months!

This summer has been busy busy busy! We have hardly had a chance to catch our breathe most days. Heath and I both have been working and in school this summer. I am almost done with about two more semesters after this summer! And Heath is taking 18 credits this summer and working full time! I am so proud of him for taking on school like this. He tells me all that time that school means alot to him and he knows that it has been asked of all of us to receive an education. I am so so proud of my husband! He is determined and strong and I love him for sacrificing his time to get done with his education. I also cant wait for him to be finished! He will graduate some time after me in 2012. (Fingers Crossed)

My little Arland is 5 Months today! I cant believe how fast the time has gone. Heath and I tell each other everyday that he is the best thing that we have ever done. He brings so much happiness into our home, more then we ever could have imagined! He changes with every day, and as part of his growing I have written a little thing to Arland each moth telling him things that I notice in him through out the month.

Arland at 5 months,

You are changing right before my eyes! You are loving to grab things and put them in your mouth, anything and everything goes in your mouth and it is funny because you will look at your hand and I know exactly what you are thinking (I am going to put that whole thing in my mouth). It really is so fun to watch you do this. The only problem with this is that you stick your fingers in your mouth and it makes you gag...I have stopped you from doing this but man those fingers are so tempting!

Today your Daddy put his head on your stomach and you grab his hair and laugh and make all sorts of noises...you love hair. You are also way more ticklish now on your sides and thighs and you will giggle alot for us!

This month you started eating solids! You love your cereal. You started with Bananas and now you love squash, peas, pears, carrots and sweet potato's! You will eat anything! You can eat about 3/4 cups of cereal on top of about 4 oz. of formula. You are a kid that knows how to eat. You also have a very fast metabolism which shows in your weight. You are a skinny string bean weighing around 13 lbs. Long and lean is what you are!

Because of all of this food you are now sleeping from about 8:30 pm to 7 am. You are the best baby in the whole world. You never fight mommy when she puts you to bed. You know exactly when it is time to go to sleep! You are not much of a nap taker but thats ok because you make up for that at night.

You are so good at Grandma's house when I take you there during the week. She takes you on walks everyday (5 miles). And you love to sit in Grandpa's lap while he types on the computer.

For your 5 month birthday we went to the Rodeo! Your dad loves the Rodeo and he was so excited to take you to it. We got there and at first you were a little fussy but that is mostly because you hadnt had a nap all day. It was so noisy that I covered both of your ears and you slept through the ENTIRE thing. You were amazing through all of the noise and and chaos.

Arland you truly are the pride and joy of mommy and daddy's life and we love you more then words can describe. We love to watch you grow!

Love, Mommy

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Courtney B said...

I can't believe he's already 5 momths?!! He's SO cute Hannah!
You and Heath are sooo amazing to be so busy with work and school and still be awesome parents!! I totally look up to you!