Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arland at 4 months!

My little Arland boy is now 4 months old and I cant believe how fast he is growing. I love what he is turning into and the changes that he is making but a part of me misses that fragile little infant that I brought home from the hospital. Being a mother is one of the most wonderful things I could have ever asked for in my entire life. I love every part of Arland and the joy that he brings into mine and Heaths life.

Arland at 4 months can do these things:

You are now making noises and telling mommy and daddy stories. This is hysterical because you make the most serious funny faces while you are talking to us.

You and Pazley's puppy! You didnt like her very much

You hate to be burped! What a horrible thing to have your back hit just so that you can make the loudest most uncomfortable burp come up. I would hate that too. But if we dont you know what the consequences are....throw up and that is NO GOOD!

You love the bath tub! We put you in there and put the wash cloth on your tummy and you squeal with excitment! This is so funny. You can be in the tub for a good 15 minutes just talking to your self while mommy and daddy wash you. The other day you were so tired when mommy put you in there you fell asleep and I washed you while you were sleeping the entire time. It was hilarious.

You can now hold a bottle by your self too! Its still a little hard for you to hold it up high enough but you get the hang of it! You also started trying rice cereal and today we fed you a banana at grandma pulhams. You loved it, but 20 minutes later it all came up. What a stinker you are!

We also have you too the point now where you can stand up. Daddy has to hold you standing up, but you can straighten your legs and stand up regardless! (And you like it!)

Today your aunt Amanda was playing with you on the ground and she started to tickle your neck. Boy did you give us a giggle, and not just one but lots of them! We all laughed at you until you thew up and then the fun was over.

Toys are your new favorite thing, you have this elephant that vibrates and boy you just wish that you could eat that thing so bad! It drives you crazy because you just want to fit it in your mouth so bad... along with your fist. You love to suck on your fist and about anything else!

Mommy and Daddy gave you your first hair cut this month. We didn't cut much but it was enough to make you look like you don't have a weird mullet any more. You look more like a little boy now. Daddy thinks your mommy is crazy for saving your hair, but I just don't want to lose any part of your "babyhood."

When we gave you your hair cut we put you in your bumbo chair, you still don't know how to feel about that thing.

Your Grandma Neubert loves to baby sit you. You are her pride and joy now and you would be surprised how people fight over you there. You are just the center of attention all the time. (Your aunt Sophie has a hard time sharing you, she just wants you all to her self, so she takes you in another room away from everybody else and hides you so that she doesn't have to share.)

Arland so many people love you and we love to watch you grow! Even though we may seem like the craziest mommy and daddy in the world we love you more then you will ever know.



Tiffany and Mike said...

Hannah! He is so cute! Mckynlee has an elephant that vibrates too and she LOVES it. AND I may have kept her first locks of hair too ;) We need to have a playdate so I can see your growing little guy!

Nicole and Tyler said...

He's super cute Hannah!