Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arland 7 Months!

Arland, wow your mommy is behind the times! I cant believe that you are almost 8 months old! I with going to school, and spending all my time playing with you, mommy has had no time to blog about you turning 7 months old. Some of the things that you do now are:

Sitting up, Rolling around (No crawling yet), Playing with your toys, and eating cereal puffs all by your self. ( Mommy gave you a puff about a month ago and you choked on it, I got so scared and tried to pick it out of your mouth but by the time I could get to it you swallowed!) Now you are able to eat them all by your self and you pick them up and put them in your mouth. You are such a great eater!

Sleep...you are the best sleeper ever! 7pm-7 am! This one Sunday Grandma Neubert and your aunts came over for dinner and I had put you down to take a nap in your cute new church clothes with a bottle, when I went in to get you up I realized that you were soaked! (Completely Drenched!) Well I realized that the top to the bottle wasnt secured all the way, hence you had about 5 oz. of formula all over your new church clothes. This didnt stop you from catching up on some much needed sleep!

You LOVE walks and being outside. Mommy and Grandma Neubert went to This is the Place Heritage Park and you loved all the animals. You laughed so hard when the goat made noises. I couldnt help but think how much you are like your daddy! You just want to wrestle and play with all the animals...especially Pazley!

You had your first camping trip and first visit to Swiss Days! Mommy and Daddy werent exactly prepared for this experience, we forgot your binky, stroller, hat, and front pack. This went over really great at Swiss Days (not really). Mommy had to carry you all over in the blistering heat! Finally she gave up and called Daddy to come get you and take you back to the camp site. Your Aunts at camp saw that you were extremely hot and didnt want you to get heat stroke so they stripped you down and let you be completely free of clothes. They thought it was so funny because you went to the bathroom like a boy for the first time out in the mountains (Right on Kiera's boot). They though it was halarious!
We love you so much little man and we cant wait to see what new things you learn!

Love, Mommy!


Courtney B said...

Oh my...what a BIG boy! I can't believe he's already 7 months!

Nicole Nielsen Ellsworth said...

Hannah! Arland is probably one of the cutest babies I've seen! He smiles so much and has the most adorable little face! He looks just like you!