Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 Months and Big News!

Arland @ 9 Months.... We are WAY behind on this!

Well Arland's 9 months mark came and went, he is going to be 10 months this week and I CANT believe that! Here are some things that Arland learned at 9 Months

You are one of the smartest babies I know! (I may be biased because I am your mother, but regardless I still think you are the smartest and most handsome!) You love picking things up off the floor, you are still not crawling but you will scoot your body around in circles to pick stuff up off the ground and they will be little tiny fuzzies that I am shocked that you can see with your little eyes.
Also you learned bye bye at grandmas and you are really good at it!
You get bashful alot still and this month we have noticed more that you have "favorite" people. You dont like strangers and you LOVE your mommy daddy aunts uncles and grandma's and grandpa's. Its funny how you have decided who you like.
You got a high chair! And boy do you feel big and in charge now (as if you werent already). You love to eat food off your tray and you drink out of a sippy cup now.
You also went to the doctor this month and sadly enough you just cant keep your weight up. You are 16 pound in the 3% for your weight. You are eating I promise! You are also in the 75% for your length! Woo hoo you are tall! You love to laugh and giggle and you love to give kisses in the mirror. I love all the changes that are taking place, you are my bundle of joy!

Love Mommy!

Also this month, Arland and Addie found out that they are getting another.........COUSIN!!! WOO HOO!!! We are just so ecstatic for Trevor and Chelsee! They are going to be wonderful parents and we are so happy for them!

Arland sure Loves his Aunt Chelsee!

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yay! love you hannah! :)