Monday, November 28, 2011


10 Months!

I can not believe how much you have changed in the past month to now. You are doing so many things and interacting so much more and we love it! Of course we loved your newborn stage but this stage is so fun because we can play with you more. You love to laugh and boy do you love to laugh at your aunt Sophie. You think that she is the funniest person in the room. Seriously you dont care about anyone else as long as she is in the room. You will laugh so hard at just the sight of her and we love that you love her so much. She will run up to you and scare you and you will just laugh so hard that you get the biggest hicups! And when aunt Sophie gets tired of you she will take you to Grandpa Neubert and you will cry and cry because you know that aunt Sophie is going away. You started saying "Mama and Dada" (we love that) and you also shake your head to say NO. You also can wave bye bye with your hand and you love to do patty cake. You also love to stand by yourself and you love to walk around as long as somebody is holding your hands. You also love your toys and you will turn your head to the side like you are bashful at people. You love to eat food by your self. Your favorite is noodles with butter and cheese on it. Manderine Oranges are also a favorite along with the regular sweet potatos. You LOVE your veggies and that makes us so happy! You also love the tub with all your toys in it. Bed time for you could be 6 pm if we let you but we try to keep you awake until at least 7:30. At this time you get really fussy and mad. You have the brightest smile Arland and mommy and daddy love you so much! We love all of your kisses that you give now and we love to cuddle with you when we put you to sleep.

Love Mommy!


Arland loves his grandma and his great grandma!

Big Boy eating his own food!

turkey dinner!

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