Saturday, May 19, 2012

A BIRTHDAY and a little catching up!

There has been quite the delay in posts lately on this blog. Heath and I have been SOOO busy that we havent even been able to think straight! To start off the load of picture I have put up we will begin with Easter! Isnt my little guy cute! He looks like the old man from UP with his bow tie. The next exciting thing we have on the list is my graduation! I graduated in Public and Community Health Education, and was given the opportunity to walk this April. I have two classes left to finish off my degree and it feels WONDERFUL to be (almost) done! I am so proud of Heath and what he has accomplished with school. He works full time and has never taken a semester off from school (besides the semester we had Arland). He always takes 15 credits on top of working full time with his work. What can I say my husband is determined! He plans on graduating in a year this next April! We cant wait for that! My plans after graduating are far from exciting. I currently plan on catching up on some much needed time with my son and I will continue to look for opportunities to grow within my degree. After graduating Heath and I took a much needed vacation to California! We went on a five day cruise to Catalina island and Mexico! It was a blast and it was so nice to relax and enjoy some one-on-one time. The photo below is of Heath on Catalina island and yes it was so hard to be away from Arland for that long...but he was in GOOD hands (thanks mom and Whitney!) We couldnt have done it without them! Because Heath and I are now just enjoying the summer festivities we have been able to do many more things with our little rascal! We took Arland to see the baby chick at IFA and we are spending alot of our time in our yard playing with the sprinkler and planting flowers! We love having time to be together again!

It is also THIS handsome guys birthday today! Happy Birthday Heath! I love you and I am so glad that I can call you mine! You are the best husband and father anyone could ever ask for!

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