Friday, June 1, 2012

Arland's 15 month stats!

Well not much has gone on lately at the Pulham house. We are just enjoying the fun weather and playing outside. Arland had his 15 month appt a couple weeks ago and let me tell you the kids stats didnt change much. He is still skinny and tall! Arland is:
19.75 lbs 1%
32 in. tall 80%
head circ. 45%

Arland, These past couple months you have changed so much in the things that you eat, (anything with cheese! STRAWBERRIES are your favorite! Peanut Butter sandwiches, peas, corn, black beans, and you love popsicles right now!)
The things that you say are histaricle! (mama, DADA! (you shout his name all the time), Go. You also make animal noises, baaa for lamb, mooo for cow and elephant and every other animal haha, grrr for bear, and you LOVE trucks and make a noise for them too. You love to be outside with Pazely in the backyard. Mommy will put the sprinkler together so that you can play in the water in the back yard, you love the water and you love to sit on your little fourwheeler with the hose in your hand and spray Paze as she walks past.
You are not sleeping the best these days and daddy is a little tired of sharing the bed with you. I think that it is because your room is so hot and mommy and daddys room is a little cooler. You also have 8 teeth with a molar on the bottom and one coming in on top!
You are walking with holding one hand right now, you are SO close to walking all by your self! I think that you may have fallen some where along the way which made you scared to walk now but you are getting more brave every day!
You love to play with your trucks and dinasaurs (true boy) and you love to watch the Lion King and Rio is your ultimate favorite!) We love you arland and we are so happy that we get to enjoy you in our life everyday!

On one of our many bike rides! You love to go outside with the bike!
Daddy holding you to get your shots!

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