Monday, June 25, 2012


These past few weeks have been so fun, crazy and busy! Arland just got over being sick for two weeks, first week was the croup, second week was a virus that he picked up while his immune system was week with the croup! Holy Cow the poor kid needs a break from being sick. All he wanted to do was sit in mommies bed and drink powerade with orange juice, and animal crackers. He is skinny already and I swear him being sick did not help our efforts in helping Arland gain weight. He was down in his weight from when he was 15 months! He is now 17 months! I cant believe how fast he is growing and changing. The biggest change this month is that Arland is now WALKING! woo hoo! It was the funniest thing because Heath and I decided to work with him one day and he didnt just take 2 or 3 steps he full on walked from the living room into the kitchen and has loved the freedom of walking now! We have loved watching him explore. Some of his favorite things this month are: WALKING, playing the paino with aunt Sophie (he squeels everytime she plays), TRUCKS! holy cow this boy loves his trucks (especially his truck right now that makes noise when it goes and it actually drives when you push the button, Otter Pops, lolipops, swimming (water in general), Pazely (Big Dogs) our little puppies scare him (Paze had 9 puppies a couple weeks ago! Arland is having a hard time sleeping in his bed right now because he has been sick so that means that he gets to sleep with Heath and I (I know bad idea) But that is what we have been up to lately!

This is Arland with his cousins Gavin and Landon (they are 9...ha ha) Arland loves them!

This week was also SO exciting because Arland gained another cousin! Flynn was born last week and he is one of the most beautiful babies ever! Seriously I am not biased at all, but do you see what I mean?! I am one lucky aunt!

Arland and I went swimming last week and what is a day at the pool if you dont have lollipops and cookies!
 This is a picture of Arland when he was sick...the poor kid did not feel good!
 So there was alot of snuggle time, I love this picture! I have the two cutest boys!

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chelsee. said...

yay! i'm so glad he's feeling better. :)