Monday, August 20, 2012

A long week of fun!

Well where do I even begin with this last week! I will start with Heath and I going to the demolition derby on Saturday! That was a blast! My sis in law Whitney has some great little connections when it comes to city events and so we were able to be timers for the demo derby. It was so fun!


All last week we were in sunny California! And boy we had a BLAST! We are now so exhausted from all our fun but it was nice to relax and enjoy some beach air and sunny skies! We left on Sunday night at 10 pm and drove through the night. We got really lucky with Arland who slept most of the way, but half way through the night he got a little sick and threw up...on Noah. haha nothing like welcoming your uncle home from a 2 year mission like throw up!

 This is Heath and I when we got to the beach!

 Sleepy baby...too much fun in the ocean waves. He LOVED the beach (can you tell from the picture below). Every time a wave would go out Arland would run after and chase it, the wave would come up and push him over...he would run away screaming. The boy LOVES water! Arland also liked the sand crabs that would crawl around on his little hands.
 My cute little man with his sunny shades!

We took a ferry over to Catalina island for Thursday and Friday. We got this DARLING little hotel room from this old beach house on the island and it definitely had the cuteness factor to it. There were little mosaic tile pieces on the stairs and sea shells lining the walk ways. A little girl sold sea shells in a little basket by the stairs too...DARLING!

The cute walk way up to our room! ( I loved the chairs and the stairs...pretty much everything)
 The island and all the cute signs
 Mommy and Arland on the beach
 Aunt Sophie and Arland eating licorice and going to the beach
 Emmaline in front of our cute hotel

 Bye California we will miss you! (Arlands first plane ride!)

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