Monday, August 19, 2013

Porters Blessing

We were able to have our sweet baby blessed yesterday and it was such a perfect day. Because of how premature he was I am SUPER paranoid about sickness and people around him so we chose to have him blessed at our house. I loved having it at the house because it became so much more personal with our close family. We decided to have just our immediate family come (not because we don't love all of our family and friends) but because I just cant have that many people around my little Porter and I am very protective and proactive about people getting their DTAP vaccine. We are SOOO thankful to our family for being supportive of our decision to protect our baby after everything he has been through.
Heath did a wonderful job, and the blessing was so beautiful and perfect for our little miracle baby.

Grandpa P Grandma P and Great Grandma P
Grandpa and Grandma Pulham

Grandpa Neubert
Grandpa Neubert and Grandma Neubert
Great Grandma Neubert
Great Grandma Jepsen
Hannah's Family
Mom Dad Arland and Porter

 Daddy and Porter
Pulham Family

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