Monday, August 19, 2013

Kids Update

Update on my kiddos!


At 2 and half we are now potty training! It has gone GREAT he is a champ! I decided that I am SOOOO sick of poo diapers. Seriously it is the worst thing to change a 2 year olds diaper. So we went and bought a potty and pull ups and toy story underwear and BAM the kid loves sitting on the potty and after two days he doesn't pee in his undies any more! Number 2 is another story and is still a work in progress.
He LOVES trains! Seriously I have never met a kid that loves trains more than Arland. Heath and I took him on the Heber Creeper last week and boy was he happy. He cried at first and we were trying to figure out why he was crying while we were getting on the train and he kept saying "OH NO Choo Choo!' we found out that he was thinking about Toy Story 3 where the Choo Choo goes off the cliff. haha well he got over that really fast. Soon he forgot how scary it was and he was so happy to just be on the train. He has a little wooden train that he plays all over the house with and I know I will have to invest in another for Porter.
Arland is Loving out new house. He loves to play downstairs in his play room and he loves being outside with out cute neighbors. We are loving who Arland is turning into, he brightens our little family every day with his little personality.


Porter is now 4 months! WOW where has the time gone?! Seriously I remember when this little Peanut was just 16 inches long and 3 lbs! Now he is 9 lbs and who knows how long he is! He is at such a fun stage right now where he is cooing at everything and loves to smile! He really has the brightest personality and is such a patient baby. He loves to just be around people, and he is so calm. I have a nurse that comes to my house every month to chart Porters growth and development and she said that he is doing extremely well for how little he was when he was born. She said that he is in the 25% for his weight gestationaly and that is WONDERFUL! He loves his binky and his swing and he is getting really good at tummy time and lifting his head. He sleeps through the night waking up around 6 am and going to bed at midnight! We are loving this schedule! He truly is such an angel and shows us little glimpses of his spirit every day. We love you Porter boy.

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