Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Kiddos

Kiddos Update
Wow my little man is growing up way to fast! I cant believe how he is changing everyday. Arland you have turned into my little buddy you love to help me take care of your brother and do little things for mamma. You LOVE to throw your brothers diaper away and bring me blankets and burp rags for him. You love your new big boy room and your big boy bed that your daddy built! You love to play in the back yard with Pazely (or should I say torture) and your swing set. You love to tell Paze to go down the "wee" (slide) and you laugh so hard at her every time. You LOVE going to nursery! Seriously that is an understatement! You cry when we have to take you back home and ask momma the whole week when you get to go to nursery again. You call me momma now, not mom, not mommy, you call me momma and I LOVE it! You love to sit infront of our window and wait for daddy to come home. You are talking so much right now, your vocabulary has grown immensely! You now put sentences together and you love to run around the house calling for your auntie Emm who lives with us right now. You love trains...more than any other boy I know. You made a choo choo track out of my ice cube trays. You will make anything into a choo choo ack. (not track, ack).
You are such a loving boy Arland you love to help momma and you are friends with everyone. You are rarely in a bad mood. Thanks so much for choosing me as your momma, I am so thankful everyday that I can call you mine!
Love, momma
You are my angel baby. I seriously think with everything you went through that you came out of it with the happiest disposition. You love this life that you were given and you let everyone around you feel the happiness that you have. You smile at every person you meet and it is almost as if you see the deepest part of their spirit. I had you in the tub the other day and you looked at the door and smiled. I was sitting on the floor watching your little face smile at the door. You looked away and looked back at the same spot on the door and smiled and laughed. I tried to look into your eyes to catch a glimpse of who you might be looking at. I asked if it was your grandpas, aunts, uncles, or our sweet friend Shelby. All I know is that you couldn't stop smiling at who ever it was.
You are now rolling over! This is a huge accomplishment! When your brother was born I was so worried about him making every milestone at the right age and with you being 3 months younger than what you really are I lose track of when you are "suppose" to do things. I now just enjoy what you do when you do it. I am in no rush to have you "beat statistics" you are going to do things when you want. And to my surprise, you are doing everything you are suppose to be doing (says your doctor and home nurse). I am so proud of you and the strength that your little spirit has, you defy ALL odds and love life. Thank you for being my little and making me smile every day.
Love, your momma

Arland and cousin Flynnster
We LOVE when flynnster comes to visit us!
My Porter Babe

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