Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My loves

Today we made our way over to the doctor. It was a pretty breezy visit though, no shots for Arland and Porter got a booster shot. So minimal tears were present. 

ARLAND: 28 lbs (15%) and (60%) for height! This is fantastic because he never even makes the chart in his weight but the doc said that is just the way he is built tall and skinny! (Lucky him) 

PORTER: 15.10 lbs (2% birth) and (20% birth) height! My little premie is catching up to the big kids now and I am so happy about this! He is LOVING food ( all kinds) right now and eats constantly! His development is perfect and right where he should be. He wants to crawl so bad and is so close! But he can sit up and he growls at you when he wants something, and he is loud! 
Oh and we rode the train after at the mall because this little boy LOVES trains. Notice the conductors hat! 

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