Sunday, January 26, 2014


You see I have this love/hate relationship with birthdays. He isn't 1 or 2 any more he is 3! When they are 1 and 2 they are still babies. They are learning to walk, talk. They have to still be rocked to sleep at times.  When they turn 3 they are no longer baby..... He is now a little boy. So you see when birthdays roll around I get so sad that all their "baby" moments are going so fast. On the other hand I love who Arland is right now. He is funny, smart, snuggly. He is caring and thoughtful "momma you fine?" He is sassy " momma I NO do that!" He is ready for adventure "momma I ready!" He is loving. 

For Arlands birthday he awoke to a choo choo track outside his room! He was thrilled! Then we had birthday pancakes with sprinkles and then daddy took Arland swimming at the pool. After that they went to Mcdonalds and played! He was exhausted after that! So home it was and he spent the next 3 hours taking a much needed nap before his guests arrived. When Arland woke up he had a fun choo choo outfit to put on from Great Grandma Jepsen! He LOVED it! Then his guests arrived. Trevor, Chelsee and Flynn.  Josh, Whitney and Adie. Great grandma Pulham. Jason, Melissa, Charlee and baby Ruby. Grandpa and Grandma Neubert with Aunt Sophie and uncle Noah. And our cute neighbors Kaitlyn and Maycee. We had so many fun people here and you loved playing with all your friends. 

Happy number 3 my sweet boy. 

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