Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bad fall

We look forward to this day all year long. Lehi round up week has been event for our family every year and we get so excited to go to the parade and rodeo. Yesterday was that day... With a twist. We woke up early yesterday to go to the park to have a pancake breakfast. Arland was so happy and we had miss Zoe with us as well. Grandma Pulham joined us for breakfast, and then we headed off to find a spot for the parade! Arland was so excited and shortly after we found a spot Grammy and pa neubert showed up! We ended up having to move to some shade because it was just too hot! After the parade we started back to our car where Heath told us that he needed to help clean up the pancake breakfast with his dad. Arland was throwing a fit that he wanted to stay with Heath, so I let him. Zoe and I headed to the car, leaving Heath and Arland behind. We get in the car and drive through the crowded street up past the park to get some lunch. I see Heath in the middle of a crowd of people by his dad's truck as I drive away. 

Heaths side:
As I left arland at the park with Heath, he continued to pack stuff up in his dad's truck. Always watching Arland, he told Arland to stop throwing rocks (small landscape rocks). There were also bigger rocks around. He continued loading, glancing over at Arland. He looked over and Arland was laying on the floor. He yelled at Arland to stand up, and he immediately noticed that something was not right. He ran over to him, and Arlands lips were purple, he was unconscious and so Heath moved him to the grass when he started seizing, he started yelling for help and people started to surround him. His dad got down on the ground with Arland while Heath called 911. Brad Thacker and Keith were able to give Arland a blessing before they loaded him into the ambulance. Heath also noticed across the crowd of people one of his mission companions. They made eye contact and Heath started shouting at him for help. They haven't seen each other in almost 6 years and he happend to be at that park on that day. For that, Heath was grateful. Arland was unconscious for almost 5 minutes before he woke up. Heath said that he just looked around like he had no idea who anyone was. He was staring off into space. He then just started crying. 

As I approached the ambulance the parade had just ended so there were crowds of cars and people. I stopped my car in the middle of the road and ran to the ambulance. Amanda my sister in law ran to my car and got in it to drive it out of traffic. As I approached the ambulance they were loading my little boy into it. He was screaming. Heath got in the ambulance with arland because only one of us could go. I got in the car with Amanda and we followed behind the ambulance. Heath told me that on the ride over they kept asking arland to squeeze their hand and he wouldn't, so they gave him a teddy bear and asked him to squeeze the bear. He did! 
(Arland in the ambulance, blurry pic, but arland is on the stretcher and the guy sitting on the left) (Heath took this sitting in the front) 

I will never forget going into his hospital room when I saw him for the first time since the accident. I walked up to him just as he was saying a prayer. He asked "Heavenly Father bless me to sleep, be good boy, amen" I seriously have the sweetest boy. He kept telling me "momma I go home my house?!" "Momma you snuggle me?!" I stayed by his side as they took him in for X-rays and different tests. He was so brave and he told the nurse "I am tough boy!" Through all his tears. After a period of time they told us that there were no breaks to any bones and that his seizure was the result of the impact. We were able to go home! 
Arland has been doing great and we are so thankful for all the many people that were placed in our lives at that crucial point. And the prayers that were answered. 

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