Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arland is THREE MONTHS! (well a week ago...mommy is a little behind!)

What Arlie does at three months,

1st time sleeping in crib.

You also now sleep all the way through the night! (10:30-8)

1st away trip to St. George!

You make giggle noises a little when you smile now.

Eating 4-5 oz. in a feeding every 2 hours

You love taking baths (you also get so tired some times when I put you in the tub at night that you fall asleep in the tub, and you still hate lotion time.

You hold your bib or burp rag up to your mouth and you suck on them now.

You also love your fist and sucking on your fingers.

You are also grabbing things more, not all the way, but you are getting there!

You like to be held , but you LOVE to lay on the floor and kick your feet all around.

You are liking your swing more, it is where you take a lot of your naps.

You are now holding up your head! And you prefer to be sitting up and facing away when people hold you.

You hate tummy time but your dad makes you do it any way and you scream until you fall asleep.

You love your feet rubbed and it makes you smile to have your tummy rubbed too.

You got your very first cousin this month! Addie came into the family and it is so fun to see you two together.

(Grandpa Pulham and his two grandchildren)

You also started to stay with your grandma for this first time this month while mommy goes to work and school, and boy do you love your grandma Lori. Your grandpa Dave is funny too, you like to just sit in his leg while he is typing and doing conference calls on the phone.

This also has shown us that you LOVE the television. You get this after your aunt Emmaline. (tv addict!) When you see the TV, your eyes become glued. I think that it is because of the constant changing colors, but none the less we have got a big problem on our hands!

You also love to go on walks with Mommy and Grandma. You fall right asleep.

The only thing that you don't like about the walks is the WIND. Boy do you hate the wind. You hold your breathe and start to panic any time you feel wind on your face. Daddy thinks its funny.

You love to be sitting up and you tell us little stories with the noises that you make. You are also now sitting in your Bumbo chair! It is hilarious! You love to talk to mommy and daddy and smile.

You smile all the time!

You seem so long and lanky still and we cant wait to get your measurements at your 4 month appointment!

I love you Arlie Boy!



| abigail y anthony | said...

so fun seeing you the other day even if it was in the moving car! Arland is adorable!

The Bolton Family said...

oh my goodness, I can't believe he is already 3 months old! He is SUCH a cutie!

Peterson said...

Hannah! Your little guy is so cute!!! I want to meet him!! Let's get together sometime! I miss you!