Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

This year was my first mothers day! I loved the entire day! Heath got me some beautiful plants for the yard that I am so excited to plant! I loved this day because I was reminded once again of how much I love being a mother. I love this little boy more then words can describe and he makes me the happiest little momma everyday.

Our little family on Mothers Day

We got all of the mothers hand and foot prints of Arland when he was two weeks old!

My Mom, Grandma and me!

Grandma Susie with little Addie

Arland and I getting ready to put him to bed

Mommy and Daddy with Arland

Arland is three and half months now! I wish I could freeze him just like this!

He knows how to work it! Look at that smirk in his eye! (p.s.) I made those pants that he is wearing! They are so funny we call them his "joker" pants

Happy Mothers day to all of you Mothers out there!


Kendra said...

cute! Mothers Day is my new favorite holiday!

Bill and Mandy Guidry said...

He is so adorable Hannah. I am glad that you are loving being a mom. It is the BEST!

Chelsey said...

He's SO handsome! I love all the pictures. Good job on the pants they look fun and comfy!!! Happy Mother's Day!