Saturday, December 28, 2013


I can't believe that you are 8 almost 9 months! Where has time gone...seriously! I hold on to the fact that you are really like 6 months so that means that I get an "extra" 3 months with you being my baby! Christmas has come and gone and now we are all sick in our house, you especially, I took you to the doctor and they said that you may have RSV. I am hoping and praying not, I am trying everything in my power to keep you safe and taken care of. That means humidifier, ibuprofen, Tylenol, some doterra oils and LOTS of lovin! It's hardest when you sleep, you and I were up till 3 am last night and then you threw up everywhere. I just hope you feel better soon. You are so happy though through it all. You started sitting up by your self! CRAZY! And you are such a jibber jabber! You started some solid foods (rice cereal) but you LOVE your bottle. You are also the best sleeper still too! At night Arland says his prayers that Porters lungs will stay strong, feel better porter bug. We love you so much! 

Bundle of energy! That explains you right now! You love to wrestle and play chasing games. Last night daddy got home and you wrestled him in the bed for a couple hours! You kept saying "daddy get me!" And "daddy I'm fine" haha we were laughin forever about you and how much you have changed. It seams not that long ago that we were getting to know each other again, you wouldn't speak or eat. I knew you felt confused and alone. But now you love to play and talk and explore. You are my bundle of energy! Love you smart boy! 

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