Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Plane

This week Arland and I made a trip to Target for some birthday stuff for brother. We ALWAYS have to stop by the toy section at the end and I ALWAYS dread it. This is because it turns into me dragging him out of the store kicking and screaming. So we are in the toy section when he spots a Dust Plane (from the movie planes). He has the small figure but this was a big one that you sit on and the propellers spin around on it. I let him sit on it and push all the buttons while I came up with a plan to get out of the store in one piece. 
Me: "Arland you no we can't buy that. We have to leave it at the store."
Arland: "no mommy, dusty needs to come my house." (Persistent)
Me: "ok arland I have an idea, what if we go home and count your money in you piggy bank and see if you have enough to buy dusty?"

He walked away from the toy, smile on his face, and said "ok!" 

It has never been like this leaving the toy section! So we went home and counted his money, he had $31 and he needed $4 more. So I asked him if he wanted to clean the play room for more $. He said "yes!" 

Later that day we went back to the store and he knew right where Dusty Plane was at. We walked right up to the cash register and he was beaming with excitement! He handed the lady his money and she gave him a sticker. I asked him if he wanted to carry it. "Mom it's too heavy!" 

I loved watching this little guy learn about spending money today. And learning about patience. It was such a fun day! 

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