Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1 year

Mister Porter, I can't believe you are one! 

Weight: 17 lbs 9 oz (5%)
Height: 29.3 in. (25%) 
Head: (75%) 
Everything is according to your birth. 

Where has time gone? I sometimes feel like I have selfishly waited for you to get bigger this past year. You had such a scary entrance into this world that I felt like the older you got, the bigger you got which ultimately ment the stronger and healthier you became. I feel like this year has been so full of amazing miracles and blessing with you I don't even know where to begin. I am so thankful that you are healthy and strong, you are happy, and have the most contagious smile with piercing blue eyes. I love to watch you chase Arland around the house, while Arland loves to boss you around. You love to have people just look at you! 

You love the tub! And now that you are crawling you love to be on you tummy in the tub... Yes I about have a heart attack every time you do this so I never fill the tub up more then an inch and I NEVER leave your side! 

You LOVE food! You are the best eater and you get so excited at just the sight of the bowl! You love to sit at the island in your high chair next to Arland eating your food together. 
You love other little friends like little miss Ruby and you love when Zoe comes to play with you! 
But your best friend is your brother and it makes my heart so happy when I see you light up every time you see Arland. 
You amaze me Porter by your determination. Your nurse Avon comes every month and she said that you are at the same developmental level as a baby full term. I love seeing your little bum in the air as you crawl around and wiggle into hard places. Your are determined to fit into small spaces! 
I love you mister Porter! Thank you so much for this year I treasure every moment and memory we have made. 

Love, Mommy

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