Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Zion's National Park

Today we woke up early got kids fed and out the door we went! I have never been to Zion's so this was very new and exciting for me and to share my first time with my kids was so fun too. I loved all the little houses as we drive threw the canyon, the green along the river in the middle of a desert was so fun and different! We drove threw tunnels and Arland loved seeing all the fun things that this park had to offer! He loves bus rides too so when Pa told him we were going to ride a bus he said "I ride on the magic school bus?!" We sat on the front bench so that arland could look out the biggest windows. He pretended like he was the bus driver the entire time, looking out the window saying, "Come on! Everyone ride the school bus!" 
"Mom the School Bus is cool?!" (This kid loves the school bus!) 
Porter hung out with Grammy and Pa
And aunt Sophie!

We took the bus all the way to the top and the hiked up by the river to where the Narrows start. 

We saw so many fun things along the trail! Arland especially loves the squirrels.... Until pa told him that they would eat his toes off. So when he got cornered by two squirrels he almost had a panick attack. Haha 
He refused to walk past them. I wouldn't blame him. 
Then aunt Sophie took arland down to the water and they got to walk around in it! He LOVED this! 
 We then made it all the way to the top and arland got to catch a ride on pa's shoulders down. 
It was so beautiful and we made some great memories there! Thanks for the trip Grammy and Pa! 

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